Chapter 154: The Mastermind
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Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms Chapter 154: The Mastermind

In the Palace of Great Peace, most of the officials of the imperial court had been dismissed, except for Li Guozhu, Jiang Yushu, Ye Dongming, Tao Mingsheng, the Fifth King, and a few other major officials of Great Xia.

All of them looked at Fang Chen with grim faces.

Meanwhile, Fang Chen was informing Elder Jinnan about the atrocities the Blood Spirit Cult had committed in the capital over the last few years.

Elder Jinnan’s face turned grim. Shock flickered across the eyes of the Great Xia’s emperor.

Xia Yun turned livid, as his forehead and back were slicked with cold sweat. He would have never thought that such a vile cult had set its eyes on Great Xia.

“Imperial Duke Fang, you’re saying that Master Xu Hui is a Blood Spirit Cultist, and he made use of the orphans and vulnerable in the Compassion Halls to forge Blood Pills?” Jiang Yushu slowly spoke up to clarify the matter.

Fang Chen nodded.

The crowd finally understood why Fang Chen raided the Compassion Hall and killed Xu Hui all of a sudden. Back then, they thought that Xu Hui was just a martial artist who practiced demonic arts, but who could have thought that he was actually a cultivator?

Not to mention a Blood Spirit Cultist who had infiltrated their midst!

“Is the recent massacre of the southern region’s Heavensword Mountain Villa the doing of the Blood Spirit Cultists too?” the Fifth King asked.

“That’s right.” Fang Chen nodded.

“Is Qin Dong a Blood Spirit Cultist too?” Tao Mingsheng asked with a pale face.

“No, he’s a mortal. However, he colluded with them because he wanted to exploit their powers for his own benefit,” Fang Chen replied.

The crowd first heaved a sigh of relief before tensing up once more. Wait, there are people in the capital who colluded with the Blood Spirit Cult? Does that mean that there are more people related to the Blood Spirit Cult among us?

“Daoist Fang,” Elder Jinnan said with a heavy tone, “are you certain that you have eliminated all of the Blood Spirit Cultists in Great Xia?”

That was the most important matter at hand.


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