Chapter 153: Suppression!
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Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms Chapter 153: Suppression!

This was not the first time the Great Xia’s emperor and the officials of the imperial court had seen such a sight, but they were still surprised to learn that Fang Chen was able to intervene in a fight of such a caliber.

“Purple Lightning Talismans?!” The Blood Spirit Cultist was both furious and frightened.

Corpse cultivators didn’t have many weaknesses, but one of the things that they feared the most was the lightning tribulation, for it lightning ki harnessed the most intense yang energy in the world!

The Purple Lightning Talismans paled in comparison to the lightning tribulations, but the source of their powers were similar, so they were extremely destructive to corpse cultivators too!


Hundreds of Purple Lightning Talismans instantaneously engulfed the Foundation Establishment Blood Spirit Cultist. A scream of agony seemed to echo amidst the deafening crackle.

Taken aback, Elder Jinnan hurriedly turned to Fang Chen. That’s… hundreds of Purple Lightning Talismans?! How many ki stones is that worth? It was such a huge sum that he struggled to make the calculations on the spot.

The smoke scattered.

The Blood Spirit Cultist was still barely maintaining his footing in the sky, but there were many charred lacerations crackling with lightning all over his body. The corpse ki he was emanating had been dissipated by the lightning too, causing his movements to become a little stiff.

“Elder Jinnan, Abbess Moonchaser, attack his lower jaw!” Fang Chen shouted.

The two of them were stunned, but they still reflexively channeled their flying swords to attack the Blood Spirit Cultist’s lower jaw.


Two swords simultaneously pierced through the Blood Spirit Cultist’s lower jaw, and the latter began trembling intensely. Elder Jinnan and Abbess Moonchaser swiftly backed three hundred meters away and eyed the Blood Spirit Cultist with an uncertain gaze.

Seconds later, the Blood Spirit Cultist suddenly fell silent. He stiffly turned his head down to look at Fang Chen. “How… did you know where my corpse core is…”

Corpse core?

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