IMNR 152
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IMNR 152: Corpse Cultivator

Fang Chen quietly looked at Xia Yu.

Xia Yu sensed Fang Chen’s gaze and hurriedly raised his head, only to see Fang Chen staring at him. He felt a little conscience-stricken.

The crowd didn’t notice Xia Yu’s anomaly. They were trying their best to look at the sky, curious to know the outcome of the battle among the three cultivators.

Fang Chen retracted his gaze and drew out his soul instead, so that he could spectate and experience the battle among the three cultivators close up.

The Foundation Establishment Blood Spirit Cultist was formidable; he was able to hold his own despite being outnumbered. His means were hard to counter, and he clearly had more combat experience than Elder Jinnan.

Even so, he was simultaneously dealing with two Foundation Establishment cultivators, after all.

Abbess Moonchaser’s cultivation might be slightly lower than the two, but the flying sword she controlled was, by no means, weak. She wisely chose to avoid frontal confrontations with the Foundation Establishment Blood Spirit Cultists and instead go for the other party’s weaknesses.

Their cooperation gave them a slight upper hand over the Blood Spirit Cultist.

“Abbess Moonchaser, don’t hold back anymore. Use your Moon Monastery’s Heart Binding Spell. I’ll slay him!” Elder Jinnan relayed a telepathic message to Abbess Moonchaser.

Abbess Moonchaser looked conflicted. The Heart Binding Spell was the Moon Monastery’s strongest mystic art, as well as the one she was the most reluctant to use as it demanded a heavy price.

Her soul would be permanently damaged, and her cultivation would fall slightly. It might take years for her to make a full recovery.

“I can only use it once. You have to kill him.”

The hesitant Abbess Moonchaser finally made up her mind. She put her hands together, and her face suddenly looked incredibly devout. She began chanting, “Perfection lies in the Buddha, such is never heard. The Nine Levels of the Heart Sutra…”

The Blood Spirit Cultist widened his eyes in shock. He realized that the dha

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