Chapter 142: Spirit Assessment
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Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms Chapter 142: Spirit Assessment

“I’ll stay here for a month after the disciple selection is over. If the Foundation Establishment Blood Spirit Cultist makes a move during that period of time, I’ll get rid of him on your behalf. Otherwise, I’ll return to the Moon Monastery with my people, and I’d consider our deal to have been fulfilled. You’ll have to pass down the Purple Lightning Talisman’s heritage to Clearlotus,” Abbess Moonchaser said.

Abbess Clearlotus was stunned. She thought her master was exploiting Fang Chen’s crisis here, but before she could say a word, the latter nodded and accepted the offer.

“How decisive. You should know too that the Purple Lightning Talisman’s heritage is not a small thing.” Abbess Moonchaser frowned.

“The Purple Lightning Talisman’s heritage is not as important as getting rid of the Foundation Establishment Blood Spirit Cultist,” Fang Chen replied with a smile.

Abbess Moonchaser eyed Fang Chen with a perplexed frown. In the end, she shook her head. “It’s a pity you aren’t a woman, or else you could have joined our Moon Monastery.”

“That sure is a pity,” Li Daoye interjected, though he sheepishly shut his mouth when he saw the crowd looking at him.

“Young master, the imperial palace sent someone over,” a servant suddenly reported.

Fang Chen nodded. “Bring him in.”

An hour later, Fang Chen and the others followed a eunuch into the imperial palace’s garden.

Astonishingly, the Great Xia’s emperor wasn’t taking the center seat as he usually did; instead, he was standing together with his officials.

A group of peculiar people took the center stage today. There was a middle-aged man in scholarly robes, a farm lady holding an old hen in her arms, an enigmatic individual wearing clothes weaved out of black feather, and a woman with fiery-red hair.

The officials of the imperial court were baffled. The surrounding eunuchs and maids looked incredibly nervous, as they tried to figure out the identity of the four people who made the Great Xia’s emperor stand by their side.

“They arrived fast…” Abbess Moonchaser remarked with

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