Chapter 141: Suggestion
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Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms Chapter 141: Suggestion

After Xia Yun greeted the elders, he suggested for them to take a rest at the imperial palace. Only then did the crowd know that he was part of the imperial family, so they happily accepted his offer.

The disciples selection was not something that could be completed at a whim. They would be spending a long time sieving through the crowd and looking for the individual who benefited the most from the spirit rain. Given so, it was best for them to find a place to take a breather first.

After the crowd left, the bald, old man murmured under his breath, “I saw the phenomenon a few days back, but to think it really is a Spirit Marrow. Who could have thought a mere grade-9 state could nurture a Spirit Marrow? That’s a spirit treasure on the ranking!”

He turned to the child and smiled. “Child, I’m a bit weary. May I take a rest at your house?”

“Of course!” The child innocently nodded.

Minutes later, eight corpses lay in an ordinary civilian courtyard. Their warped faces showed just how terrified they were prior to their deaths.

The child sat on the ground, watching the corpses with a dazed expression. The old man wiped his lips, his body emanating a brighter luster than before.

“Silly child.” The old man walked up to the child to end his life, but he changed his mind and instead released a pulse of spirit ki to destroy his voice box. “I shan’t kill you. Obediently serve as my grandson for the next few days.”

The old man patted the child’s head with benevolent eyes.

“It was the right decision to come here. It really is a Spirit Marrow!”

Abbess Moonchaser looked at the crowd on the streets with a smile. A place where the Spirit Marrow would be rich in spirit ki for a long time.

Shortly after they departed from Infernoblaze, Abbess Moonchaser had already sensed a Spirit Marrow emerging in their direction of travel. It was similar to what she had sensed when a Spirit Marrow emerged in Infernoblaze back then.

She thought it was a huge coincidence that the Spirit Marrow actually emerged at her destination, Great Xia.


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