Chapter 143: Seven Tolls!
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Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms Chapter 143: Seven Tolls!

The first to take the test was Xia Yu.

He was Great Xia’s crown prince, and he was under thirty years of age too.

Xia Yu’s cronies were excited. Their eyes followed him as he slowly made his way up to the Spirit Gauging Bell. If Xia Yu could join a cultivator sect, they would benefit from his halo too.

Noble Consort Hua was nervous. The surrounding concubines consoled her, saying that Xia Yu could definitely join a cultivator sect. Noble Consort Hua slowly regained her composure before she glanced at the empress and said with a smile, “If only this happened earlier, your son might have survived.”

The surrounding concubines were horrified. She’s touching on a taboo topic!

Everyone knew that the empress didn’t have any offspring, but in truth, she did give birth to a child at one point, but her child died to a mysterious ailment. The Great Xia’s emperor put a lid on the matter, and no one mentioned that matter anymore.

The empress glanced at Noble Consort Hua and replied, “Know your place, Noble Consort Hua. Don’t make me slap you in front of so many immortals. It won’t look good on His Majesty, and it won’t look good on you either.”

“You!” Noble Consort Hua was infuriated. She reflexively glanced at Fang Chen, and a moment later, she burst into laughter. “Even Xia Imperial Duke has no choice but to sit obediently in front of the immortals. Do you dare to slap me here?”

“You wish to give it a try?” the empress coldly replied.

“You madwoman! I shan’t waste my time bickering with you!” Noble Consort Hua sneered before turning back to Xia Yu. My standing will rise as long as Xia Yu joins a cultivator sect!

Xia Yu stood before the Spirit Gauging Bell with a nervously-beating heart. He knew he was standing right before the doors to immortality. It was either make it or break it.

“Calm down,” Xia Yun said. “You’d have talent as a cultivator if you can evoke a toll from the Spirit Gauging Bell after striking it. One to three tolls indicate inferior talent. Four to six tolls indicate medium talent. Seven to nine tolls indica

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