Chapter 2.3: I Want To Go Home With You (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 2.3: I Want To Go Home With You (3)

He Jiang gripped his phone tightly, focusing his gaze on Shang Jing’s wound.

His face fell.

Had I let him off too easily three years ago for him to have the courage to order me around now?

He Jiang let his phone go to sleep and closed his eyes.

You were the one who provoked me first. Don’t blame me for taking things out on you.

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They soon arrived at the underground car park of the hospital. He Jiang put on a surgical mask and baseball cap to hide his appearance before making his way towards the first floor of the building.

This helped him to blend nicely into the hospital crowd where a majority of the people were donning surgical masks. After some inquiries at the help desk, he was quickly directed to the emergency room where the car accident victims were escorted to.

There, his attention was immediately drawn towards a makeshift hospital bed in a corner.

In it was a crouched Shang Jing with his chin resting on his knees. He looked as fragile as white porcelain. The thick bandage on his head had made his face look smaller than usual. As he blinked, his long and luscious lashes fluttered and covered a part of his eyes. He seemed to be deep in thoughts.

A few hours had passed since the car accident. All of the other victims were surrounded by their family members as opposed to Shang Jing who was still sitting there alone, seemingly an oddity in that scene.

He Jiang pinched his nose bridge and walked over to him while reminding himself internally that this rascal did not deserve his pity.

“Is your family not here yet?” The uncle in the neighboring bed was feeling sorry for Shang Jing. “What’s your parents’ numbers? I’ll give them a call. What kind of work are they so engrossed in to ignore their son who had just been involved in a car accident.”

The uncle had thought Shang Jing was still a teenager who had yet to graduate from college.

Shang Jing was stunned. The uncle’s words had triggered his soft spot. He sniffled and said, “He should be here soon.”

Is He Jiang reaching soon?

Shang Jing was unsure of that. After all, he had yet to issue an ultimatum with threats of public exposure of their relationship to get him to come.


“Who are you referring to?”

He Jiang’s voice was very deep. It had a magnetic charm to it but exuded a thick sense of mockery, inciting goosebumps in everyone who heard it.

Shang Jing’s ears twitched as he looked up into the eyes of He Jiang.

Despite only exposing his eyes, Shang Jing could still recognize him at first glance.

In an instant, all uneasiness in his heart dissipated like a receding tide and an unexplainable feeling of trust overwhelmed Shang Jing. Even his heart rate had increased by a notch.

Oh no, his forgotten simp characteristics are out to wreak havoc again!

Shang Jing sat there motionlessly as he tried to suppress the embarrassing subconscious reaction. At one point, he had even suspected a curse had been placed on him.

How could I feel safe around a douchebag?! I definitely deserved what I got! 

Look at his shitty attitude, don’t you think he deserves a beating?

“Oof… What are you doing?!” Shang Jing’s eyes widened with shock.

His ankles were suddenly grabbed by someone.

“You’re not hurt?” He Jiang surveyed his legs, one after another. Except for some bruising on his forefoot, there was no open wound. It was obvious the blood on the shoes was not his.

“Trying to gain my compassion by taking a photo of your shoes?”

“I didn’t say the blood belongs to me,” Shang Jing replied stubbornly. Next, he took out his identification card and handed it to He Jiang. “There, get me discharged from the hospital.”

He looked at He Jiang squarely in the face and observed his expression. He did not know whether there were any discharge fees required and he was curious whether He Jiang would pay for it on his behalf.

But these winding thoughts of his ex-boyfriend were unknown to He Jiang. He took the identification card from Shang Jing’s hands and handed it to Lin Lin who was a step behind. He ordered, “Get him discharged.”

Lin Lin’s jaw had fallen to the floor the moment she laid eyes on Shang Jing.

Isn’t that He Jiang’s ex-boyfriend?

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