Chapter 2.4: I Want To Go Home With You (4)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 2.4: I Want To Go Home With You (4)

Three years ago, He Jiang had flown to the United States in a rush to meet Shang Jing. But their relationship ended when he got back. That was also when his mellowed-out temper from being in a blissful relationship took a turn for the worse. For a long period of time, he had adopted an antagonistic approach to the people around him.

Even though his condition had improved over these past two years, Lin Lin could still not shake the feeling that there was a live volcano buried in He Jiang’s heart, waiting to erupt someday.

Lin Lin gasped. Could it be that this ex-boyfriend was here to trigger the eruption?

However, as an experienced manager, she knew to keep within her boundaries. After taking over Shang Jing’s identification card, she left the scene to give the couple their own space.

He Jiang’s affairs of the heart had never been something she had power over. Even when they were dating three years ago, she had only managed to see Shang Jing’s photo once.

Shang Jing watched Lin Lin’s back as she walked away. Convinced that she was not going to return, he relaxed.

Suddenly, a realization hit him. Could it be possible that this young and beautiful woman was the ‘Auntie Lin’ mentioned in the diary?

Umm… Was I this impolite in the past?

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How could I address a woman in her prime as such?

Love could really mask one’s conscience. Feeling guilty, Shang Jing decided that he would replace the nickname of Lin Lin in the diary when he had the time.

Shang Jing’s little movement did not escape He Jiang’s eyes. He looked on coldly, wanting to get rid of this little troublemaker as soon as possible before his IQ was affected. “Where do you live? I’ll give you a ride.”

The sudden question stunned Shang Jing. It was then that it occurred to him that even though they were a lawfully-wedded couple, He Jiang had only contacted him once in a while. That would mean they led separate lifestyles.

He Jiang was rich and affluent. With so many properties under his name, it would not be strange for him to forget which one his secretly wedded wife was living in.

Or even worse, he could have been renting his own apartment instead of living in one of He Jiang’s properties. In this high socioeconomic status city, for him to not have a full-time job and still pay rent, of course he would have only been left with a few hundred dollars in his bank account!

Now that he was injured, where would he find the time and energy to work and pay off his rent?

Shang Jing looked at He Jiang sadly and said, “I’m injured, of course I’ll have to live with you.”

If they did not live together, how would he make He Jiang pay for all the humiliation he had suffered previously?

He Jiang looked at him like he was looking at a stranger. “In your dreams.”

Shang Jing pursed his lips. “Hubby…”

Damn this douchebag! How could he leave me to fend for myself?! Wait till I divorce him and get half of his housing properties as alimony!

He Jiang stared at Shang Jing and was suddenly reminded of the emoticon in his SMS. He frowned and asked, “Have you hit your head so hard you’ve lost your mind?”

Shang Jing’s expression fell. Could he have been so lowly in the past to have never raised this topic with him? That would explain He Jiang’s suspicion. But he had only crossed the boundaries by a little!

He Jiang was too smart. He must not blow his cover.

Shang Jing slumped weakly on the bed. Slowly and gradually, the tip of his nose turned red as he stared pitifully at He Jiang.

He Jiang glanced at Shang Jing.

What’s wrong with him? He’s obviously acting stupid to gain my compassion so he can leech off me till his recovers! In the past, he would never call me Hubby even after much cajoling on my part. Now, he had said it so easily. Did he really think it would work?

Fat hope!

Shang Jing half kneeled and pulled on He Jiang’s sleeve to prevent him from escaping but was quickly pushed away by him.

“There’s no use even if you call me Hubby.”

Shang Jing frowned.


Suddenly, someone slapped He Jiang on the back. The uncle from the neighboring bed chastised him loudly, “Can’t you treat your wife better? You are the scum of S City’s men!”

He Jiang: “...”

Shang Jing’s eyebrows raised slightly.

Tsk tsk, that was justice served.

He continued to act pitiful, calling out, “Hubby…”

Noticing the increasing attention thrown their way, He Jiang suppressed his anger and ordered, “Shut up and follow me.”

He pulled his cap lower over his face and turned to leave but before he could take another step further, someone tugged on his sleeve.

He turned around impatiently and looked at Shang Jing condescendingly. In a tone dripping with contempt, he asked, “Is there anything else?”

Shang Jing: “My shoes are dirty.”

He Jiang rested his gaze on Shang Jing’s white and tender toes. After a moment of consideration, he squatted down in front of the bed, exuding an air of unwillingness, and said, “Hurry up.”

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