Chapter 3.1: Trying To Be Difficult (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 3.1: Trying To Be Difficult (1)

Shang Jing stradled He Jiang’s back happily, swinging his legs as they made their way through the corridors. He chimed, “I’m going to follow you.”

He was going to find proof of their secret marriage and evidence of He Jiang’s domestic abuse to act as bargaining chips during their divorce.

He Jiang: “You need rest. I’ll get Lin Lin to send you back.”

Shang Jing: “That won’t do. I’ve injured my head, I have to follow you so it doesn't hurt.”

What if Lin Lin left him in a random place? How would he find He Jiang then?

He Jiang: “I have a filming scheduled.”

Shang Jing: “Then I’ll wait for you in the car.”

He Jiang: “Didn’t you say your head was hurting? How will you get ample rest in the car?”

Shang Jing: “Then it doesn’t hurt anymore.”


He Jiang suddenly regretted risking a conflict with the film director for this bonehead.

But he ultimately did not have the heart to leave Shang Jing in the car and arranged for him to rest in the dressing room where there was a makeshift bed. To which, Shang Jing graciously accepted and proceeded to sleep like a log.

Even while the makeup artist redid He Jiang’s makeup or when the director came over to vent his frustration, warning him of the damage to his career if he continued to act like a big shot, he did not flinch, much less wake up.

He Jiang’s temples throbbed as he tried to rationalize the situation.

He is alone in the country with no family… 

 I am the only one he can count on here…

Fine. I will tolerate it this time. 

He better get out of my sight once he recovers.

Shang Jing woke up feeling slightly better. He had been having dizzy spells since the car ride.

As he sat up and pulled the thin sheet of blanket off him, the embroidery of He Jiang’s initials at the corner of the blanket caught his eye. It was obvious the blanket was his personal item. He quickly folded the blanket and piled it neatly at the end of the bed before making his way out of the dressing room.

Shang Jing was immediately hit by the view of blue skies and endless sea. The filming was situated at the beach.

In the distance, He Jiang was acting out a rescue scene. He had a red firefighter vest on and was fighting the waves to get the female lead to safety.

Shang Jing watched on anxiously. His heartbeat quickened, rising and falling with each wave that hit He Jiang.

That’s so dangerous.

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Lin Lin: “There’s no need to worry. There are safety measures in place.”

Shang Jing: “Oh.”

Who is worried about that douchebag?

In the next hour, the waves had only gotten choppier and choppier as Shang Jing watched on with trepidation. Before he could make up his mind on settling for a smaller cut in their divorce settlement, the filming ended.

Talking about the divorce settlement, the diary had made no mention of when they got married.

Shang Jing turned to Lin Lin to sound her out. “Did my arrival on the set… cause any disturbance to the team?”

“Not at all. As long as you don’t interfere with the filming, the director will not mind.”

In fact, Lin Lin was more than welcome for Shang Jing to stay on the set with them.

Ever since the start of He Jiang’s career, he had been nothing less than professional. But there were two times he had defaulted from his duties and both times were because of Shang Jing. If the both of them stay together, there would be no reason for He Jiang to skip work.

But there was one thing Lin Lin was curious about. With how things turned out, does it mean the both of them had made up? She asked, “The both of you… three years ago…”

Shang Jing blinked at Lin Lin blankly as his heart skipped a beat.

Could we have been married for three years?

Even though this meant he had a higher chance of getting a better cut of He Jiang’s assets during the divorce, it also meant he had served him tirelessly for three years.

How could he take that lying down?

But now was not the time to let his enemies know of his plan. He flashed Lin Lin a bashful smile and kept his silence.

Catching his drift, Lin Lin decided to let it go. She smiled and said, “I’ll go get some ginger tea.”

Shang Jing turned his attention back to the beach.

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