Chapter 2.2: I Want To Go Home With You (2)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 2.2: I Want To Go Home With You (2)

Back at the dressing room, He Jiang did not feel the anticipated sense of relief after sending the message. His fingers automatically zoomed in on the photo. By the time he realized what he was doing, another wave of melancholy washed over him. How could he still want to see this little bastard?

After zooming in on the photo twice, the gold logo on the headrest behind Shang Jing caught his attention.

He quickly zoomed in on the photo again. The squarish characters on the logo, even though blurred, were obviously Chinese characters.

That meant Shang Jing was currently in a local hospital!

Shang Jing… He has returned to the country.

At the same time, the two photos from Shang Jing had made their way to him. Looking at them, He Jiang broke out in a cold sweat.

He immediately replied: 【Where are you?】

After confirming the location with a nurse, Shang Jing replied: 【S City Second Community Hospital.】

Second Community Hospital was only a half an hour drive away from where they were.

He Jiang immediately stood up with his handphone and car keys in hand. He announced, “I’m taking an hour off.”

“The director doesn’t allow anyone to take leave.”

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“Then take it that I’m playing hooky.”

“Aye, you…”

The SMS calling He Jiang ‘Hubby’ had not made it past Lin Lin’s eyes. The memory of an assistant who had recently been fired from the studio for selling He Jiang’s private information to his fans came to mind.

At that time, He Jiang had decided to not change his number since he had not received any harassment calls and found it troublesome to do so.

Lin Lin chased after him, questioning, “Where are you going? Is that a message from a fan? Let me handle it.”

“It’s not from a fan.” He Jiang pulled on the door handle of his Porsche to get in. “I have to fetch someone from the hospital, he’s… a friend.”

Lin Lin pushed the door close. “Let’s go in my car. Look at your expression. Anyone who didn’t know better would think your wife is going into labor.”

He Jiang was speechless. He was once again reminded of Shang Jing calling him Hubby in the SMS. After a while, he dialed another number. “Secretary Sun, I would like you to help me check the entry records of someone.”

Ten minutes later, his phone vibrated. It was a text message from Secretary Sun: 【Shang Jing arrived in China from the United States three days ago at S city.】

He Jiang closed his eyes.

He has been back for three days now…

If not for the car accident, would he have never contacted me?

He’s only calling me Hubby now that he is injured and needs someone to take care of him?

Do you think I will fall for that?

On the way to the hospital, He Jiang caught up on the news of the major car accident that happened earlier in the day. Based on the uncensored photos of the accident scene uploaded by netizens, Shang Jing could still be considered lucky. At the very least, he was still able to contact him, his ‘ex-boyfriend’.

He Jiang massaged his temples. It had been nearly three years since that incident.

By the tenth minute into the journey to the hospital, he had already calmed down considerably. He thought about his current situation.

To rush to him at the drop of a pin after his pity act, how much more embarrassing can I be?

“I’m not going anymore,” He Jiang said coldly.

Lin Lin looked at his cold expression through the rear view mirror and tactfully chose not to ask further. She quickly surveyed the traffic condition and decided to make a left turn back.

However, when the car tires were on the boundary line of the lane, she was hit with another statement from He Jiang, “Why are you turning back?”

Lin Lin: ?? Oh, so your previous statement was just a part of your internal struggle…

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