Chapter 2.1: I Want To Go Home With You (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 2.1: I Want To Go Home With You (1)

On the film set of 《Gazing At Waves》.

He Jiang was getting his makeup done by a makeup artist in the dressing room. He had his eyes closed and his lips pursed. Above his eyebrow, there was a bead of water holding onto him for dear life.

“Zhang Yaoyao should just change her name to Liar Zhang! It was a mere gentleman act for you to offer her your shirt after filming an underwater scene. How could she twist the story in front of the press to generate hype?”

Lin Lin was He Jiang’s manager. As the backbone of his studio, she was responsible for handling all sorts of matters, whether big or small, which saw to her busy schedule and absence at He Jiang’s recent shoots. However, considering the nature of today’s shoot which required He Jiang to spend hours in the raging sea, she had decided to tag along to ensure things ran smoothly.

Lin Lin looked at He Jiang. “Are you going to ignore this too?”

“It’s up to you.” He Jiang swiped his finger across his phone to reveal the article. By the time he looked up from it, there was undeniable killing intent in his eyes but ultimately remained silent.

Noticing his reaction, the new guy, Xiao Bei whispered to Cai Minmin, “I think our boss has quite a good temper.” Cai Minmin was one of He Jiang’s female assistants.

To not get angry despite being used by others to gain clout, it was a far fetch from the bad temper he had heard from Lin Lin prior to joining them. Lin Lin had even advised him to hold his tongue whenever He Jiang flew into a rage.

Cai Minmin sighed, “He wasn’t always like this.”

In the past, He Jiang had been very particular about his reputation. Before any scandal or negative news could blossom, he would nip them in the bud. In fact, keeping an open eye for any funny business by He Jiang’s female co-stars was one of their main responsibilities as employees of the studio.

However, one day, things changed. He Jiang stopped caring about these matters. Whenever any female celebrity released any news about them to the press, he would just close an eye and let them be, as long as the news was not too overboard.

Plus, with Lin Lin keeping tabs, no one would dare to go too overboard, especially with a precedent case to warn others of the consequences.

A commercial account user had once released a fake rumor about He Jiang dating a female singer. Not only had the user concocted many convincing pieces of evidence to support his claim, he had even photoshopped a photo of the both of them entering and exiting the same neighborhood together.

Before waiting for Lin Lin to react, He Jiang had jumped the gun by posting a reply on Weibo to threaten the user. His reply read ‘My lawyer’s letter is on its way to you’.

Search Hosted Novel for the original.

Within two hours, the user uploaded an apology video showing himself in tears, admitting to his lies and greed.

He Jiang’s phone screen flickered to notify him of the receipt of an SMS and MMS.

Glancing at the preview of the SMS, the words ‘Hubby’ and ‘Hospital’ stood out to him. His brow furrowed together. Thinking the message was probably sent to the wrong number, he picked up his phone, intending to notify the person of such.

However, upon unlocking his phone, a photo in high definition filled his screen.

The photo featured a young man with his head in bandages. The ends of his eyebrows and eyes drooped downwards as tears brimmed in his eyes, making him appear especially pitiful.

Shang Jing!

He Jiang stared at the photo intensely. Like a predator looking at its prey, all his muscles tensed up as an ominous expression clouded his handsome features.

He squeezed the phone in his hand tightly and tried to calm down.

Don’t let it get to you.

You will lose if you pay him any attention.

Shang Jing called him Hubby? The sun must have risen from the West today.

However, he could not ignore the thick bandages on Shang Jing’s head. He sat, frozen in his seat, for three seconds before finally reacting. He coldly replied: 【What trick are you playing again?】

Does he only know how to approach me when he’s hurt? And what exactly is he thinking, to approach me for help? Even though I am at the beach now, how am I supposed to help him when he is overseas?

To be as stupid as to fly overseas just for him, once was more than enough.

“What trick am I playing?”

Shang Jing stared at the heartless reply. He was sure there was no record of attempted suicide in the diary. Where did this malicious accusation come from?

He Jiang’s reply angered him. He had really injured his head! What trick could he be up to?

He was definitely blind for marrying such a dolt!

Shang Jing was boiling with anger but considering the hefty treatment fees, he knew better than to accommodate his urge to scold He Jiang over the phone.

Sacrifices had to be made to achieve big things. To convince He Jiang of his injury, he carefully unwrapped a portion of the bandage to expose the blood-soaked area, seething in pain as he did so.

Kachak! Send.

As if that was not enough, he calmly snapped another photo of his blood-soaked white sports shoes and forwarded it to He Jiang.

I’ll remember this and get you back next time.

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