Chapter 1.3: Hubby, I’m Hurt (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 1.3: Hubby, I’m Hurt (3)


Not only was his daily life revolved around doing the laundry, cooking meals, mopping the floor, and working part-time, he was at times subjected to months and months of emotional and psychological violence by his husband.

To make matters worse, He Jiang was also surrounded by scandals, which were manifested in the form of a resident complaint in every alternative diary entry of his, together with his complaints towards his autocratic manager, Aunty Lin, who arranged too much work for him, causing them not being able to meet each other.

Furthermore, he was overly possessive and did not want him interacting with others by going to work despite admiring people with financial independence. That left him with no other choice than to secretly take on part-time work to support himself and the household so as to not burden him financially.

But what angered him the most was that despite the pathetic state of his marriage life, the ‘him’ in the diary entries had gladly accepted his fate and even managed to retain a lovely fantasy of their marriage life.


Shang Jing grabbed his chest to quell his burning anger. However, his sudden motion had tugged on the stitches on his head and caused the wound to reopen. An acute pain shot through him.

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The uncle in his neighboring bed quickly tossed a bottle of Quick-Acting Heart Reliever to him and addressed him in concern, “Young lad, do you need this?”

Shang Jing replied weakly, “Thank you, you are a lifesaver.”

He held onto the bottle of pills tightly and internally recited the words ‘self-acceptance’ ten times before he could barely come to terms with his stupid past.

Nonetheless, overlooking the emotions in the diary entries, they had provided him with an influx of information. His ‘Hubby’, He Jiang, was a celebrity with whom he was in a secret marriage. He also did not have the authority to contact him at will and would make sure he deleted all traces of their interaction after every session.

He Jiang had really spared all effort to keep this marriage a secret.

Shang Jing launched an internet browser and typed He Jiang’s name into the search bar. He wanted to see what kind of captivating appearance had made him into the simp he was.

Soon, the results returned with He Jiang’s profile. Beside his name was a photo of a man dressed in a suit. He had handsome, defined features which were highlighted by the contrast of the white background to bring out an optimized visual impact.

Shang Jing’s heart skipped a beat.

The man in the photo looked familiar. That was a person he would recognize at a glance from a crowd of a thousand.

When he got to the section of He Jiang’s birthday, it was as though a bucket of cold water was poured over him. He was utterly disappointed with himself.

The only set of numbers he had retained in his memory was actually He Jiang’s birthday.

“I must have really been a shallow man who was fixated on looks.”

Now that it had come to this point, Shang Jing was done finding excuses. He was now sure of one thing, there was no way He Jiang was not his husband.

It was probably heaven's way of taking pity on him for his past years of humiliation. To let him lose his memories and look at things from a neutral viewpoint. To let him realize how wrong he had been in the past so that he could change for the better.

I want to get a divorce! Immediately!

I will not be a brainless simp anymore!

“We need to insert an intramedullary nail to secure your fracture. Do you prefer an imported set or…”

“The imported set costs that much? …”

The commotion from around drew Shang Jing out from his own thoughts. The words struck a chord in him.

He was reminded of his pitiful bank balance and the exorbitant treatment fees.

Shang Jing turned his attention back to He Jiang’s profile and stared at the list of accolades he had received, his long filmography, and the mention of his growing personal studio.


“Award-winning actor, He Jiang, demonstrates close relations on set with Zhang Yaoyao, image.jpg.”

A fit of involuntary jealousy welled up in him. It was not severe but definitely aggravating.

To feel jealousy even after losing his memories… How deeply was he in love with He Jiang previously?

Shang Jing tightened his grip around his blanket. Slowly, the little twinge in his heart turned into anger

He had been suffering here alone after the car accident and worrying about his life but his lawful partner was flirting with another female celebrity at a luxurious filming set?

After all this abuse, how could he leave this marriage with nothing?

What about his past pride?

What about the mental and financial damages he had suffered?

He Jiang must have taken him for a devoted simp to be acting so brazenly. If he retaliated, Shang Jing wondered what kind of expression He Jiang would make.

He would gather evidence of He Jiang being a douchebag and reveal his true colors to the public. He would tarnish his reputation and prevent other girls from falling into his trap.

With a clear direction, Shang Jing started to map out his plan.

First of all, knowing the cunningness of the rich and affluent, there was a high possibility a prenuptial agreement was signed to ensure he would not receive any benefits in the case of a divorce. Therefore, he decided to hold the divorce plans until he confirmed the existence of such an agreement or at the very least, make use of He Jiang’s pot of gold to pay off his medical bills.

Moreover, other than the diary, Shang Jing did not have any evidence to prove He Jiang was a douchebag. To make things worse, he had lost his memory which would leave him at the mercy of He Jiang’s words when the time came round.

Furthermore, if He Jiang was really as horrible as written in the diary, should he know of his amnesia and plan to retaliate, he would definitely transfer away all assets he had obtained during the time of their marriage before kicking him away. Worse still, he might even falsely accuse him of something to make things difficult for him.

To prevent such a scenario, Shang Jing had to let He Jiang let his guard down and reveal his true colors. He would then make use of the opportunity to secretly gather the required evidence.

He would never simp again. He would rid himself of his past humiliation and make He Jiang pay for all the sufferings he had gone through.

With the preliminary plan in order, Shang Jing changed the password on the Memo app from He Jiang’s birthday to today’s date.

Today would be the beginning of a new era of his life!

To kickstart his plan, Shang Jing opened the camera app, snapped a photo of his bandaged head, and forwarded it to He Jiang in an MMS, which also served to overthrow He Jiang’s no-contact rule.

Together with the photo was a disgusting caption:【Hubby (●′ω`●), I’m at the hospital. Come get me.】

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