Chapter 1.2: Hubby, I’m Hurt (2)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 1.2: Hubby, I’m Hurt (2)


The handphone slipped out of his hands and fell on the floor. Instead of picking it up, Shang Jing stared at the still-lit screen with disbelief. The word【Hubby】glowed at him unapologetically.

Based on his identity card, he was only 21 years old.

Did I really… get married at such a young age?

And… With a man?!

I’m gay?!

Shang Jing felt like his head was about to explode as a million possibilities ran through his mind.

Everything felt so surreal to him.

He was suffering from amnesia, not a personality change!

To get married at such a young age, it did not sound like what he would do. The most plausible explanation he could think of was that it was a penalty to save the contact details as such after losing a bet to a friend.

However, without sufficient evidence, it would be rude for him to call the number to confirm his suspicion.

Shang Jing nervously opened the final app on the homescreen, the Memo app.

He was not expecting to find anything here. After all, ‘he’ was leading an extreme minimalist life.

However, contrary to his expectations, the Memo app was locked with a password.

Hope returned to Shang Jing as his eyes glowed with anticipation. He typed in the same set of numbers as his ATM pin… Password correct!

A long list of entries, titled by their date, appeared. They were arranged neatly by their creation date, from the oldest to the latest.

Shang Jing was a little nervous.

He currently had nothing to his name and no recollection of his life. These entries would serve as a biography of his past 21 years of life, a record of his personal history. Whether he was a good or cruel man, optimistic or pessimistic, whether he had a social circle, all of these would be revealed in these diary entries.

However, with such severe amnesia, he could not help the rising feeling of shame as though he was snooping on someone else’s life. He clenched his fist tightly to muster some courage and randomly clicked on an entry. With a deep breath, he rested his gaze on the words.

The first line caused him to choke.

Hubby looks so good in that suit he had worn to film the commercial. Makes me want to rip that belt off him (〃ω〃)

Shang Jing's face burned a bright red, as though he had been whipped across the face by the belt.

Was he actually a coy wife before he lost his memories?

Hubby here and hubby there? How could any normal man say that? Pui!

He surveyed the area guiltily. After making sure no one else was paying attention to his overly shameless diary, he pulled his legs in and moved closer to the corner of the bed. With a poker face, he opened the latest entry in the Memo app.

That entry was from some time ago. To call someone hubby… I could have been young and wild. Who does not have a past? That is definitely not an accurate representation of me! 

Ahhh, this entry was written three days ago. This will definitely be closer to my current self. Heh. I might even be divorced.

Hubby hasn't been home from filming for two months. I miss him so much π_π 

I shouldn’t have quarreled with him previously. It wasn’t easy for him to get a month of break but he hadn’t spoken a word to me. He even threw the food I made for him straight into the trash can. 

I am trying my best to learn how to cook. I really hope hubby will eat my food one day, just a bite and I’ll be content. 

I’ll go crazy if I don’t get to see hubby soon.

Just an innocent entry, no need to panic.

With shaky hands, Shang Jing tapped on the next entry.

Am I a pig? Why exactly did I quarrel with hubby? He’s ignoring me now ( ˙_˙ ) 

When hubby said it’s embarrassing to wear shorts, I should have known it’s time to stop. Why did I choose to fight with him…

I’ve thrown the pair of shorts away today.

I want to apologize to Hubby so badly but he had warned me about contacting him at work. He said it would spell trouble if Aunty Lin found out about us.

Getting married in secret is such a sweet burden.

I’ll stop this entry here. I still have to go for my part time job at the bubble tea shop.

Hubby said he admires financially independent people the most so he will not provide me with any money for household expenses. I will work hard to earn some money to buy Hubby a birthday present.

Oh right, we’ve ran out of shampoo. I’ll need to grab two bottles of them on my way home later.

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