Chapter 157: Be Careful of His Majesty
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Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms Chapter 157: Be Careful of His Majesty

Days later, Abbess Clearlotus fully grasped the Purple Lightning Talisman’s heritage, and Abbess Moonchaser took her back to the Moon Monastery.

Fang Qingyao made sure to remind Fang Chen to take care of the orphans and the vulnerable living in the Compassion Halls before leaving with Abbess Moonchaser. She already saw them as her family after spending some time with them.

Only a few unaffiliated cultivators continued to linger in Great Xia.

“Young master Fang, now that we have resolved the threat of the Blood Spirit Cult, I’m allowed to leave now, right?” Li Daoye looked incredibly relieved.

“Where do you intend to head next?” Fang Chen asked.

“The world is huge. I’ll head wherever my heart leads me. I don’t plan on returning to the Eight Trigrams Sect any time soon lest my father force me to marry into some clan,” Li Daoye replied.

“Feel free to return to Great Xia to take a look.” Fang Chen nodded. “I’ll escort you.”

While the two of them were making their way out of the Fang Manor, they bumped into Xia Yun, Liu Suifeng, and Tantai Qingxuan.

“Do the three of you need something from me?” Fang Chen smiled.

The three of them clasped their fists and greeted Fang Chen.

Xia Yun first glanced at Li Daoye before speaking with a suppressed voice, “Daoist Fang, to be honest with you, the three of us traveled here for a dilapidated blessed land. By any chance, are the two of you interested in it?”

“Dilapidated blessed land?!” Li Daoye’s eyes lit up as he vehemently nodded. “Yes, yes! I am very interested in it.”

It was a pity that he was not the one whom the three of them wanted to invite, so they pretended not to hear him and instead looked at Fang Chen.

“Dilapidated blessed land?” Fang Chen’s eyebrows shot up. “What kind of blessed land is it, and what’s in it?”

Xia Yun pondered about it before replying, “We bought a tattered map from a market a while back. The cultivator who sold us the map said that it indicates a blessed land left behind by a cultivator, just that the map is too tattered for them to decipher, so they

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