Chapter 119: Six Months of Heat, Six Months of Cold
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Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms Chapter 119: Six Months of Heat, Six Months of Cold

In Great Xia’s imperial palace, the empress passed an envelope to the emperor and said, “Chen’er said that he ought to do something for Great Xia now that he’s the Xia Imperial Duke, so he plans on bringing the Fang Clansmen to the southern region and resolve the problems there that have accumulated over the past few centuries.”

The emperor took a look at the letter. The words written were majestic and powerful, giving off an imposing disposition.

“It’s no wonder Fang Canghai resigned a few days ago,” the emperor murmured. “He was planning on moving to the southern region. That makes me miss him a little.”

“Your Majesty, you should be relieved now that none of the Fang Clansmen are in the imperial court?” the empress asked.

“My empress, what do you take me for? When have I ever feared the Fang Clan? I appreciate Fang Chen taking the initiative to deal with the problems plaguing the south,” the emperor said with a chuckle.

His heart felt much lighter. If the Fang Clan had continued residing in the capital, it was only a matter of time before their prestige overtook the imperial family. That would have felt like a knife pointed at his heart; he would have never been able to rest at ease.

“This matter has to be kept confidential first. Even the Fang Clan’s prestige won’t be enough to drive fear through the hearts of those greedy scoundrels. Those people won’t give up on their interests so easily,” the emperor said.

The empress nodded in agreement. She understood this logic too.

In the crown prince’s manor, a frowning Xia Yu first looked at Tao Yu, followed by Li Huafeng, before asking, “What is the Fang Manor up to?”

Li Huafeng pondered before replying, “He’s likely planning to purge the southern region… but the problems there have built up over the centuries, and the corruption runs all the way from the top to the bottom. He might have reached Earth Profound realm, but it won’t be easy for him to tackle this issue.”

“Fang Chen is already the Xia Imperial Duke. Why does he bother with the southern region’s m

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Aureate/Origin/Primal/Longevity Aura > Aureate/Origin/Primal/Longevity Ki
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The usage of ki in this case is for standardization purposes, whereas unaffiliated cultivator fits the context better. 


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