Chapter 118: Migrating Southward
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Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms Chapter 118: Migrating Southward

Yuan Zhuang had been in the southern region, aiding Jue Panshi in cleansing the sects in the South Immortal Province. However, the tension arising from the massacre of the Heavensword Mountain Villa hadn’t fully calmed down yet.

Jue Panshi had announced that the culprit behind the massacre had been killed, but the sects maintain a skeptical attitude regarding the matter.

To make things worse, the Valiant Defenders suddenly began purging the smaller sects, raiding their den, arresting their disciples, killing their elders, and exiling the others. This caused a huge stir in the pugilistic world.

This prompted one of the southern region’s Four Great Sects, Greatsword Gate, to step forward and rally the other sects together to demand an explanation from the Profound Saber Sect.

As a result, the Profound Saber Sect had been encircled, and Jue Panshi and his subordinates were trapped inside. Yuan Zhuang was able to slip out, and he immediately rushed to the capital to inform Fang Chen of the matter.

“What about Carefree Palace?” Fang Chen asked.

Carefree Palace was one of the Four Great Sects, but they were an elusive group as their disciples appeared in public. Little was known about them.

“They haven’t made an appearance yet,” Yuan Zhuang said with a suppressed voice.

“What are the other Valiant Defenders and local magistrates doing? One of the imperial court’s officials is trapped in the Profound Saber Sect, but no one is stepping up?” Fang Chen asked.

“Yes, all of them are lying low,” Yuan Zhuang replied with a frown. “They appear to have implicitly permitted Greatsword Gate’s doing. I suspect that the southern region’s politics might be even more complicated than we expected.”

“I thought they would keep it down for now, but they jumped out faster than I anticipated. The minor sects we are dealing with must have infringed on their interests, prompting them to make a move,” Fang Chen sneered. “The southern region is lacking in resources, and strong-arming is a common practice there. It’s inevitable that offi

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