Chapter 924 - One-Man Army?
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Everlasting City, Plot 059:

Plot 059 was situated several thousand meters above ground. At this time, 4,000 figures descended upon it and separated into 40 teams. Then, these teams spread across the land in all directions like a swarm of locusts, eliminating the other players on the land.

While King's Paradise's forces were seizing control of Plot 059, Lunar River arrived at the edge of Plot 059 with several dozen private guards. She showed no interest in the battle taking place in Plot 059. Instead, she quietly observed the situation of the other plots of land.

"Vice Guild Leader, everything is going according to plan. None of the neighboring plots have teams from apex or royal powers. The teams of our allies have also arrived safely, so we will soon have a force of 10,000 players. As for Angel's Retribution, which we excluded from our alliance, its forces suddenly took action against Zero Wing," Shuoyun reported.

"Who is leading Angel's Retribution's forces?" Lunar River asked.

"According to our intelligence, Crocodile Fang is the commander, while Angel's Retribution's main force commander, Blacksteel, is acting as his vice commander," Shuoyun answered. Then, she continued worriedly, "Angel's Retribution has mobilized 2,000 players this time, while Zero Wing has only a little over 600. Zero Wing might not hold out against Angel's Retribution."

"That old fellow let his son lead over Blacksteel?" Lunar River was slightly surprised.

The commander of every major power's main force had extraordinary status. They were either the Guild's First Vice Guild Leader or one of the Guild's Grand Elders.

Blacksteel was well-known in the Angel Sanctuary. Over half a century ago, he was already recognized as one of the Angel Sanctuary's top ten experts. Now, he was even considered one of Angel's Retribution's Six Overlords. Yet, Crocodile Fang was assigned to lead Angel's Retribution's forces in Everlasting City's competition instead of Blacksteel. No matter how Lunar River looked at it, this situation was unbelievable.

Amidst he

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