Chapter 541.1: Inseparable Relationship (1)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 541.1: Inseparable Relationship (1)

Wilhelmina’s body stiffened when she saw the words written in Teresa’s notebook. Her orange eyes slowly began to widen.

Seeing that her point had gotten through, Teresa put down her notebook and contemplated the possibility of what she had just brought up.

Even though Roel had made it clear that he wouldn’t take Wilhelmina as his scapegoat during the Challenger Cup, it still didn’t change the fact that she had worn the armor for a long time… not to mention that she was still wearing the armor for reasons she was unwilling to admit.

The armor had failed to fulfill its purpose when Roel first awakened the Kingmaker Bloodline, but since their meeting a year ago, Wilhelmina had been able to vaguely sense Roel’s condition through the armor. In fact, it had been affecting her emotions over the past year.

Not too long ago, she had fallen into an extreme panic when she suddenly realized that she couldn’t sense Roel’s presence anymore. Her mood severely undermined her performance on the battlefield. It was only when an emergency report from Rose of Dawn arrived and informed her about Roel’s victory over Flooding Death that her heart was finally set at ease.

Her current bouts of nervousness were different from what she had previously felt from Roel, but it was definitely possible for the two matters to be linked. The armor she was wearing was an old relic built on unknown technology, and there were still many mysteries surrounding it despite attempts to decipher it. It wouldn’t be surprising for it to have unexpected abilities.

The two women fell into deep thought. Wilhelmina stood at attention while Teresa fiddled with her quill.

“Do you really think that it’s possible? It’s one thing for me to sense his physical condition, but can something as abstract as emotions really be shared?

If your vow can bring the two of you together across dimensions, I don’t see why it’s incapable of telepathy.

“Theoretically speaking, yes, but…”

Wilhelmina’s voice trailed off halfway through her words. Teresa scribbled on her notebook once mo

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