Chapter 541.2: Inseparable Relationship (2)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 541.2: Inseparable Relationship (2)

On the Sia Continent, New Year’s Day marked the middle of winter.

Nights were the longest at this time of the year. It was normal to wake to a dark sky, and sunset occurred much earlier than usual. It was only late afternoon, but a candle had already been lit in the study room of the Ascarts’ manor.

Thus far, Roel had already done as much as he could to prepare for the upcoming crisis, so he decided to turn his attention back toward raising his own strength.

He had already reached his bottleneck as an Origin Level 3 transcendent during his battle with Flooding Death. If he could make a breakthrough to Origin Level 2, he would be in a much safer position. But the stronger a transcendent was, the more troublesome it was to make a breakthrough.

Roel wasn’t so naive as to think that he could advance to Origin Level 2 just by reading books at home. All it could do was reinforce his mana—though it did have the added effect of calming his mind too. That was something he direly needed right now.

It was no longer just the inexplicable unease that was torturing him, but the heartache from having squandered a huge fortune too. He had spent the day walking around Ascart City with Alicia, browsing through all available defensive mechanisms at his disposal and forking out exorbitant sums to activate them.

As one would have expected from an established military powerhouse, the Ascart Fiefdom had a substantial stockpile of defensive equipment. The ancestors of the Ascart House had been exceedingly diligent when it came to the construction of defensive infrastructure, and they were highly meticulous about maintaining and upgrading them too.

The Ascart House’s current defensive capability, after activating all of its defensive mechanisms, was comparable to the sturdiest fortress on the eastern border.

Employing so many defensive measures when there wasn’t even an enemy in sight was a sheer extravagance. Many officials and commanders couldn’t understand why Roel was doing this. Even so, in view of the spectacular foresight

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