Chapter 542.1: Commencement of War (1)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 542.1: Commencement of War (1)

Don’t you think that there’s something weird about the skies above?

This was the most common topic in Ascart City in recent days.

Chatting about the weather was a real pastime on the Sia Continent. It was an easy topic to understand, allowing most people to participate in the conversation, not to mention that it was highly relevant to their daily lives too.

Such had been the case in Roel’s previous life too. It was not just news about groundbreaking scientific breakthroughs, but news relevant to the populace that became viral.

In Ascart City, the topic was the longer-than-usual nights.

Three days ago, while the populace was still enjoying the afterglow from the New Year’s Day festivities, the sky suddenly dimmed. Since then, the days had gotten much shorter. The sun would only appear near noon and swiftly vanish when evening arrived.

The populace initially attributed it to the longer nights in winter—it wasn’t uncommon for there to be afternoons where it looked like the sun hadn’t risen yet in the face of bad weather—but it soon became apparent that something was off when the sky remained dark despite the absence of snow and rain. Worse still, even the stars and the moon vanished without a trace.

It was almost as if someone had cast a veil over the sky.

The severely shortened daytime disrupted the work-life cycle of the populace. Streetlights had to remain lit for far longer hours.

Many theories began floating around the populace.

The locals who had grown up in the Ascart Fiefdom were more optimistic about the situation, choosing not to let the phenomenon bother them too much. Some of them even thought of it as an interesting, whimsical event.

While the Ascart House had not always been able to bring them prosperity, it had never faltered in ensuring the safety and livelihood of its people. The Ascarts’ powerful army gave them the confidence to stand upright even in the face of danger.

In contrast, those who had just immigrated to the Ascart Fiefdom were much more pessimistic. One d

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