Chapter 266: If I See One, I’ll Kill One
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Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms Chapter 266: If I See One, I’ll Kill One

Fang Chen’s soul floated above a courtyard in Spirit Heaven City, eavesdropping on the conversation between Xia Xuanji and the Spirit Heaven Sect’s first elder.

“I’ve checked. There’s a human settlement 1000 kilometers south of Spirit Heaven City. It has a population of around a million people. Recently, they had a grudge with another settlement, and the other party called a twelfth stage Ki Refinement cultivator to stand up for them.

“The battle naturally subsided as soon as the cultivator appeared. This isn’t what I want to see. Thus, I want you to show your faces there and make those two settlements fight to the death,” Xia Xuanji calmly said.

The Spirit Heaven Sect’s first elder was startled. He was no fool; he knew that doing so would incur karma upon himself.

“Brother Xia, I have promised to help you, but what you asked of me will result in great casualties. How am I to continue cultivating if I incur such karma?”

“Karma? Now that you’re in our Blood Spirit Cult, you shouldn’t fear karma. We walk a path that defies the world. There are many malevolent cultivators who tolerate the ants crawling before them and live a humble life out of fear of karma, but these ants are stealing our spirit ki and resources, making it harder for us to climb to greater heights.

“Our Blood Spirit Cult turns these ants into our resources. Through that, we’re reducing the loss in the world’s spirit ki while raising our own cultivation. As for the Three Calamities and Nine Tribulations… what’s there to fear if you can’t reach that level?” Xia Xuanji nonchalantly pointed out.

Fang Chen was dumbstruck.

Xia Xuanji was speaking as if there was nothing wrong with his actions. It showed just how deeply rooted the Blood Spirit Cult’s teaching was in him.

“Your efforts won’t be in vain. The Blood Spirit Cult is generous to its contributing members. As long as you fulfill this task, I’ll apply for a Foundation Establishment Pill on your behalf, allowing you to better serve us. You should know that it hasn’t been long since I started cultivati

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