Chapter 265: Finding a Helper
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Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms Chapter 265: Finding a Helper

In the Ye Clan’s main hall…

“Father, why are we fawning on the sword cultivator? He killed the Sea Dragon Sect’s late Foundation Establishment cultivator! If the Sea Dragon Sect pursues this matter…” a middle-aged man asked.

The Ye Clan’s patriarch looked at the middle-aged man, followed by the other doubtful clansmen, before letting out a sigh. “He killed a late Foundation Establishment cultivator with a single slash. Do you think whoever’s behind him would fear a mere Golden Core cultivator?”

A mere Golden Core cultivator…

The Ye Clansmen thought that their patriarch was arrogant to say such words, but they had to admit that he made sense. The sword cultivator had to have a powerful background to possess such formidable means.

If the Sea Dragon Sect’s Golden Core cultivator learned that his late Foundation Establishment cultivator had been killed in a single slash, he would probably hesitate to avenge him.

“That sword cultivator intends to buy a huge amount of spirit materials. Reach out to the Xu Clan and the Zhou Clan and tell them to contact their suppliers. We need to secure the items as soon as possible,” the Ye Clan’s patriarch ordered.

“Yes, patriarch.” The middle-aged man quickly left.

The following day, the Ye Clan’s patriarch excitedly knocked on Fang Chen’s door and said, “Elder, we have gotten into contact with the suppliers and secured thirteen spirit materials, be it Moonsunk Gold, Crimsonfire Metal, Adamantium Jade… I made a rough calculation, and those should add up to 9000 low-grade ki stones. It’s just that…”

The Ye Clan’s patriarch suddenly revealed a conflicted look.

“Speak,” Fang Chen said.

“We aren’t able to raise enough funds to pay the suppliers…” the Ye Clan’s patriarch replied with a bitter smile.

“That’s not a problem. I’ll hand you 4000 low-grade ki stones first. Use it. I’ll pay the other half when the spirit materials are delivered to me,” Fang Chan said as he took out 4000 low-grade ki stones.

Fang Chen took out 4000 low-grade ki stones and handed it to the Ye Clan’s patriarch. “Ho

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