Chapter 542.2: Commencement of War (2)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 542.2: Commencement of War (2)

“It’s a Death Crow, a demonic beast that thrives on the souls of the deceased. I have a rough idea who our enemies are,” Grandar said with a deep voice.

The Fallens, particularly those whose history traced back to the ancient era, were powerful beings who fell into depravity under the Savior’s influence. Just like the Treant High Priest, most of them remained extremely powerful despite suffering from the senescence of time.

The Wingman Clan, also known as the Eaglets, were known for their flight prowess back in the ancient era. They shared many characteristics with their avian brethren, from their wings and sharp talons to their feathers. While they weren’t as proficient in using mana as the angels, there was no race who could match them in terms of flight speed and aerial maneuverability.

They were unquestionably the king of the sky.

Following the disappearance of Goddess Sia, the Sia Continent was divided between the leadership of the Savior and the Mother Goddess. As the clan closest to the sun, the Wingman Clan naturally sided with the Savior, who was otherwise known as the Sun God.

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

Unfortunately, their choice led to their succumbing to the Savior’s depravity and descending into madness. That effectively made them the Savior’s cannon fodder, dooming their clan to slowly spiral down the abyss of destruction.

“Only the wingmen guarding the Savior’s divine temple are able to tame the Death Crows. It looks like our enemies are the remnants of the wingmen,” Grandar said grimly.

Roel’s expression turned grave too.

He detested dealing with the ancient races, particularly since these existences had lived for thousands of years and were bound to possess means beyond the imagination of the current generation of transcendents. Most importantly of all, he knew very little about them.

The wingmen had to be powerful adversaries, or else the Collector wouldn’t have dispatched them here to deal with him. But Roel, who had the aid of his ancient gods, still had a chance of emerging victorious from this conflict.

What else did the Collector prepare to ensure my downfall?

Is it another divine artifact from the ancient era? Or is it some kind of spell I have never seen before?

Roel shook his head to clear away the heaviness in his heart. He turned his attention toward the ground and ordered his men to hasten the evacuation.

Thanks to his predecessors’ obsession with warfare, Ascart City had many defense measures in case it ever got invaded. There were so many bunkers installed throughout the city that they could house the entire population even after the recent inflow of people.

Roel turned his attention back to the sky and began channeling his mana.

It was already too late for him to shatter the divine domain in the sky, but he could at least re-establish his connection with Artasia before the battle began. Slowly, as he channeled mana toward his Origin Attribute, his passageway with the Witch Queen began to r

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