Chapter 543.1: The Fallens (1)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 543.1: The Fallens (1)

In this era of geographical immobility, it was common for people to harbor special feelings for their homeland. Their patriotism drove them to associate positive traits with their homeland that they could be proud of.

In the Ascart Fiefdom’s case, its greatest positive trait was its stability.

Even during tumultuous times over the past thousand years, it remained steadfast as if an infallible safehouse.

But today, this notion was shattered by the enemies descending from the sky.

From the city walls, Roel Ascart stared at the sky with a grim expression.

He had already guessed that the enemies commanded an army similar to the Treant High Priest’s flame spirits, or else they would struggle to take down a major human city. The wriggling black cloud above affirmed his guess.

Death Crows had no voices of their own; their calls were the pained screams of the last soul they had devoured. Their calls were tinged with a peculiar mana resonance that disturbed the mental state, leaving anyone who heard them prone to an emotional breakdown or even insanity.

Collectively, the humongous flock of Death Crows created such a dissonant orchestra that it made the world a living hellscape. Had it not been for the fortress barrier around Ascart City, the soldiers might have already suffered a mental breakdown.

Roel clenched his fists, relieved by the thorough preparations he had made over the last few days. Had he not activated the fortress barrier in advance, just the voices of those monsters would have been a catastrophe for Ascart City.

The Ascart Fiefdom had claimed the upper hand in the first clash, but Roel didn’t relish this short-term victory. He knew that things had barely gotten started.

The Death Crows in the sky were more than just their cries. Their meters-long bodies harnessed strength comparable to weaker transcendents, and their sheer number promised devastating damage once they began their assault.

Most importantly of all, they were just the supporting cast for tonight’s battle.

Shortly after the Death Crows emerged, a gargantuan silhouette emerged amidst the clouds, causing the tension to creep to a new high.

It was a gargantuan black monster whose sheer size veiled the sky. Its head looked to be a hybrid between those of a bird and a dragon, and tumors were protruding from its neck. Its blood-red eyes shone like ominous crimson stars amidst a sea of darkness. Its three sharp talons looked ready to reap the life out of anyone in its presence.

The soldiers on the city wall gasped as their faces slowly drained of blood. They instinctively understood that they were faced with a being superior to them in all respects. As if their very being was acknowledging that fact, they couldn’t stop their bodies from trembling at all.

Humans often saw birds as docile creatures that could be domesticated, but the moment the gargantuan monster appeared, the humans inside the fortress barrier had a weird feeling that they were the ones who were being caged.

This sudden identity swap s

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