Chapter 537.1: Jot It Down! Jot It All Down! (1)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 537.1: Jot It Down! Jot It All Down! (1)

Roel felt like he was hated by the world. From the death flags of the female capture targets to the evil cultists who had a string of grudges against his lineage, it felt like someone was always out for his life.

Through years of effort, he had managed to convert the female capture targets into his allies, but the evil cultists continued to haunt him like maggots suckling his bones. As if that wasn’t distressing enough, there was now another power that was eyeing him.

How in the world did I incur the hatred of those half-witted deviants?

“Father, you’re saying…”

“Lord Father, are you saying that those monsters are eyeing Lord Brother?” Alicia interjected with an anxious frown.

Carter looked at his two children before he began sharing a conjecture raised during an internal discussion within the united army.

Search for the original.

“It was not me but the chief intelligence officer of the united army who raised the possibility that the deviants may bear ill will toward the Ascart Bloodline. This theory is rooted in the mysterious relationship between the deviants and the Savior…”

‘Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.’

Such a phrase didn’t exist in the Sia Continent, but any qualified military strategist should be able to understand its rationale. With the deviants posing a huge threat to humankind’s survival, humans couldn’t slack off on their research of the deviants.

The united army headquarters had gathered a bunch of scholars who specialized in the study of the deviants.

These scholars conducted experiments on deviants that ranged from benign to downright atrocious. It was not just once or twice that Roel had winced while flipping through their research papers. It reminded him of the mad scientists in his previous life.

Of course, no human would sympathize with their archenemies and criticize these scholars for their cruelty (and those who did would be quickly put in their place). These scholars were proclaimed to be heroes who had put their lives on the line for humankind’s sake.

Many in the united army’s upper echelons respected these scholars too. It was not an easy choice to relinquish the comfort of Leinster to stay at the barren eastern border, where accidents could easily result in severe injuries and even death.

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