Chapter 537.2: Jot It Down! Jot It All Down! (2)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 537.2: Jot It Down! Jot It All Down! (2)

The remainder of Roel’s day was jarringly silent after Carter’s departure. As if he had depleted his optimism for the act he had put before his father, his expression was now utterly impassive. Unbeknownst to him, the change in his mood permeated the manor, such that even the maids were more careful in carrying out their duties.

In the study room, Roel sat before the office table with his head propped atop his hand. He seemed to be in deep thought. As usual, Anna stood by the corner of the room, waiting for Roel’s instructions.

Alicia entered the room with light footsteps, only to fall into a dilemma upon seeing Roel’s state. She didn’t know whether she should disturb him or not.

When the fiefdom first started developing, Roel often sat alone in the study room to hatch his plans. During such times, Alicia and Anna had refrained from disturbing him. He would usually figure out something good and put it into practice, and the fiefdom’s growth would hasten.

The only other times Roel acted in such a way were when he encountered difficulties. He would figure out a feasible solution most of the time, but on occasions he didn’t, he would temporarily put them aside with a sigh.

The fact that Roel hadn’t sighed yet meant that he was still in the midst of processing the problem at hand, which was why Alicia was hesitant to make a move.

Roel was indeed in deep thought.

While Carter’s departure had relieved him of a burden, there were still many problems weighing down his heart, with the heaviest one being none other than the lack of intelligence.

So far, he still hadn’t managed to gather any information about his situation or his enemies. Heck, he wasn’t even sure that the ones coming after him were the Fallens. This was an uneasy situation for him to be in, especially since it was his first time preparing for a battle without any intelligence whatsoever.

If his enemy was the Fallens, it was likely that they would comprise transcendents who were either non-human or possessed special means. In such a situation, a lack of intelligence could prove to be fatal, since he was unfamiliar with the capabilities of ancient races and relics.

There was only so much he could do to prepare for the unknown.

He did consider mobilizing his army to comb the vicinity, but he decided against it, figuring that it was likely to be a waste of effort. After much hesitation, he finally turned to the System.

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