Chapter 538.1: Lord Brother, Let’s Get to Sleep (1)
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 538.1: Lord Brother, Let’s Get to Sleep (1)

Roel wasn’t fond of small animals, be it in his previous life or his current one.

It might have seemed like a peculiar trait for someone who enjoyed touching fluffy things, but it was more common than one would have expected. Even in his previous life, there were plenty of people who enjoyed cat videos but were less than enthused to adopt one.

Now that he was in the Sia Continent, it was even more impossible for Roel to adopt a pet due to his status as a transcendent.

Transcendents carried a subtle disposition that wasn’t apparent to adult humans but was highly conspicuous to sensitive little animals. This made it impossible for little animals to warm up to transcendents, particularly high transcendents. It didn’t matter how gently a high transcendent treated an animal; the latter would just tremble in fear.

It was thus no surprise that artificial lifeform magic tools were popular among transcendents.

In the study room, Roel stared at the hatchling tottering on his office desk with a strained look that was similar to that of a ripped-off tourist.

Not too far away, Alicia’s crimson eyes glimmered with excitement when she noticed the hatchling. She rushed over to take a closer look. Having been together with Roel for so many years, she could no longer be surprised by him suddenly conjuring a bird in the study room. What interested her more was the little lifeform.

“Lord Brother, who is this little fellow?”

“It’s an artificial lifeform produced using technology from the ancient era. It primarily serves as a scouting tool to detect enemies…” Roel explained the origin of the Spiritsense Hatchling with a strained smile.

Alicia was fond of little animals, and her feelings were reciprocated due to her nature as a walking ‘fountain of life’. It was an understatement to say that she was loved by animals. Be it the demonic beasts in the Ascart Fiefdom’s mountains or ordinary beasts, they would morph into excited puppies and prance around her.

Yet, the current situation was proving to be an exception.

The S

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