Chapter 18.3: You’ve. Lost. Your. Memories? (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 18.3: You’ve. Lost. Your. Memories? (3)

Shang Jing asked, “What if that still happens when I play during the day? Is there any way to improve my situation?”

Jiang Wen pondered over the possibilities. “I’ve never seen such a case. It could be caused by some other factor.”

This boyfriend of his is quite keen in seeking a cure for his problem. I wonder how He Jiang approached him with the topic.

Jiang Wen: “What you’ll have to do is to find the root cause and eliminate it. Usually, these symptoms are linked to past experiences and traumas. They are not that difficult to overcome.”

Shang Jing was mildly convinced by Jiang Wen’s explanation. He pressed on, “But what if that person has already forgotten that psychological trauma and is still losing sleep? Is there still help for him?”

Confusion clouded Jiang Wen’s expression.

Did he really forget what he went through or is he just unwilling to share?

He Jiang had already told him everything he knew about Shang Jing’s psychological barrier. It had something to do with a school shooting when he was a child. That should not be something so embarrassing he would be unwilling to share.

Jiang Wen: “There’s no making without breaking. If you are really unwilling to share, we can seek the help of your family members to help recount the events for you. You just have to share your thoughts at your own pace as the treatment progresses.”

“Are you married? You can get your spouse to accompany you.”

Shang Jing shook his head. “That won’t do, I can’t seek his help.”

Looking at his reaction, something clicked in Jiang Wen. Shang Jing was not resistant towards the treatment, he was resistant towards He Jiang’s accompaniment.

He chuckled, “Actually, I am a psychiatrist. Thank you for the soda. If you are willing, you can tell me about your situation, I’ll not charge you.”

Shang Jing could not help questioning, “Are you good at it?”

Jiang Wen replied humbly, “I just have a Stanford Psychology Ph.D.”

“Then you must be good!” Shang Jing looked at him in awe. “Can psychiatrists like you keep secrets?”

Jiang Wen sneaked a peak at He Jiang who was standing behind the bushes. He answered, “Of course.”

Shang Jing: “To be honest, I don’t remember my past anymore and I also don’t remember how this psychological trauma came about. Can you still treat me like this?”

Jiang Wen was stunned. He had never anticipated such a development. He looked at He Jiang in his peripheral vision, he was also featuring a shocked expression.

“When you mentioned your past, how far back do you mean?”

Shang Jing: “I’ve lost all my memories when I got into a car accident.”

Jiang Wen: “Then your family…”

Shang Jing: “Oh, right, I have a husband.”

Jiang Wen was sure He Jiang was still unmarried. He was a psychiatrist and these two revelations from Shang Jing were enough to make him faint.

“May I know who your husband is…”

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Shang Jing: “It’s not convenient for me to share.”

Jiang Wen was sure that if he did not clear up the air now, He Jiang’s anger would burn the entire green strip into cinders. He asked, “How are you sure you’re married when you’ve lost your memories?”

Shang Jing: “His number is labeled as such on my phone!’

Jiang Wen was sure this was not the kind of situation he could handle as a psychiatrist. A war was going to blow out in front him. He, as a third-party, needed to seek shelter as soon as possible.

Before Shang Jing could insist on secrecy from Jiang Wen, someone grabbed his wrist. When he turned and saw He Jiang, all the blood drained from his face.

He Jiang tightened his grip around Shang Jing’s wrist. There was an unreadable emotion in his eyes. Emphasizing every word through his teeth, he said, “You’ve. Lost. Your. Memories?”

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