Chapter 18.2: You’ve. Lost. Your. Memories? (2)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 18.2: You’ve. Lost. Your. Memories? (2)

With some savings on hand, Shang Jing no longer had to beg He Jiang to pay whenever he went to the supermarket. With a trolley in hand, he rushed towards the food section.

As though he was trying to make up for the previous times when he could not shop as he wished, he went through every product on the shelves of the food section, even kindly grabbing five cups of instant noodles for He Jiang while he was at it.

If He Jiang ever made him angry or called him stupid again, he would forbid him from eating his dumplings and make him settle his meal with these instant noodles.

Time flew by quickly while he was having fun. Soon, it was evening. Shang Jing stepped out of the supermarket with two big bags of groceries weighing down on him. They were so heavy, he had to stop every two steps to rest.

I should call He Jiang over to chauffeur me home.

Just then, his phone vibrated in his pocket. He quickly placed his groceries down to check the message. As expected, he was from He Jiang.

He Jiang: 【Where are you? Send me your location.】

The corners of Shang Jing’s lips turned upwards. He immediately pinpointed his location and sent it over. Since he was in a good mood, he even attached the selfie he took with his surroundings and sent it over with the caption 【Hubby (●′ω`●), I’m here, come fetch me.】

Right after he sent it, the message ‘Typing’ above the chat blinked on and off. Shang Jing stared at it with smiley eyes.

Thirty seconds later.

He Jiang: 【I’m still stuck here. Give me half an hour. You can find somewhere to rest first.】

Half an hour? That is enough time for me to get home by bus. 

Without a second thought, Shang Jing retracted his message saying ‘ Hubby, come fetch me’ and kicked the instant noodles in his grocery bag.

You can have these tonight.

He bent down to pick up his groceries.

Uwu, they are too heavy.

Luckily, there was a pavilion right beside him. Shang Jing decided to wait for He Jiang there.

It was stated in an online article,《Advice from a married couple》, that it was paramount to get your husband to help around the house no matter how long or badly he did. Even if he takes half an hour to wash the dishes, do not interfere and let him do it. Most importantly, do not take over and do it for him out of frustration.

This could not only cultivate his habit towards doing housework and instill a sense of responsibility towards the house in him, it could also prevent him from slogging for other women out of boredom.

As an inexperienced person, Shang Jing held these bits of wisdom in high regard.

Isn’t it just half an hour? I’ll wait for him.

He Jiang looked at the retracted message on his phone and raised his eyebrows.

Such a hot temper! 

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Clicking on the location pinned by Shang Jing, he addressed the person beside him, “Let’s go, he’s at Five-One Square.”

Shang Jing was halfway through a bag of potato chips when he was joined by a young man who trudged into the pavilion with a heavy bag of groceries and settled down in the seat opposite him.

He looked at the things in his shopping bag. Other than toothbrushes, towels and other household items, there was nothing else. Considering the man was panting so heavily, he took out a bottle of white peach soda water from one of my bags and offered it to him, “Want some?”

“Thank you, I’ll pay you back,” Jiang Wen answered in English and chuckled before continuing, “I’m sorry, I just got back from the US and am too used to speaking English. Thank you for the drink.”

Shang Jing: “It’s alright, I understand what you said. The drink is on me.”

While waiting for He Jiang’s text, he swiped through the apps on his phone leisurely, aimlessly tapping on the blank area on top of the games app.

Ahh, I’m so bored. I feel like playing the game but I don’t want to lose sleep over it. It’s all He Jiang’s fault for not coming to pick me up on time.

Jiang Wen had purposely mentioned his return from the US to bring them closer but was met with Shang Jing’s unexpected nonchalance. He twisted the bottle of soda water open and attempted to start a conversation again, “Hm? Are you also a fan of this game? I just got into it recently. Since we’re both resting here for the time being, why don’t we have a go at it?”

His voice was calm and his tone was especially soothing to the ears. He was like a devil whispering in Shang Jing’s ear, tricking him to indulge himself in the game.

Shang Jing bit his lips. With all his willpower, he refused, “It’s alright, I tend to lose sleep whenever I play the game.”

Jiang Wen’s eyebrow twitched. “It’s true that playing such an intensive gun fight game before sleep has a high chance of affecting one’s sleep quality.”

Suddenly getting shot from an unknown corner, coupled with the screaming effects of the character when it dies, could cause heart palpitations for people with weaker hearts.

Shang Jing: This man seems to know a thing or two.

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