Chapter 18.1: You’ve. Lost. Your. Memories? (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 18.1: You’ve. Lost. Your. Memories? (1)

The title humbled Shang Jing. He shuffled the files on the table awkwardly and continued, “I have a friend, she is a huge fan of Cen Feinuo and wishes to be his partner.”

He Jiang’s first reaction was to ask, “Who is that friend of yours?”

Not wanting to expose the group, he said in a suppressed voice, “It’s a female star I met online. She said she can do it for free.”

He Jiang: “...” Could she be one of those internet celebrities?

For a variety show of this caliber, there was no lack of sponsors willing to pay to secure a spot for a star they were rooting for. However, they have all been rejected by He Jiang.

He Jiang: “What a pity, Cen Feinuo had spoken to me on this matter. He has some plans of his own.”

Shang Jing asked, “Who is it?”

How could he bring someone else on the show when he already has a girlfriend? What an unethical man. When his secret girlfriend sees him learning the ropes of marriage on television with someone else as part of a pretend couple, won’t she bawl her eyes out?

He Jiang: “I think he is a male actor whom he had collaborated with in one of his dramas. He is probably trying to groom the young while promoting the drama at the same time.”

Before a movie launched, it was common for the main casts of the film to appear on variety shows to promote the film.

Shang Jing could barely accept that excuse. With a skeptical tone, he asked, “What about Yang Yue?”

He couldn’t possibly find someone else too with a fiance?

He Jiang: “He’s the host.”

As Yang Yue’s fans viewed him as a boy who was destined to be single his entire life, it would not be appropriate to pair him up with someone else on the show.

Shang Jing sighed. It was definitely a bad idea to compare oneself with others, especially since the comparison made He Jiang seem more favorable than before. At the very least, he was willing to announce his marriage to the public.

Within the span of a day, a large percentage of He Jiang’s girlfriend-fans had threatened to leave him but were unexpectedly retained by the groundbreaking news of the variety show launch. Regardless, since his career was not reliant on this group of fans, the effect on him was minimal.

Girlfriend-fan: “I’m just staying to see what kind of wife you found for yourself. I’ll leave right after that.”

Other fans: “The hard fact is that the moment you say that, you have already become a full-fledged mother-in-law fan.”

“Fam, why am I anticipating the show like a mother wanting to see how her son dates?”

“Career-fans don’t fret. Seeing how He Jiang started a variety show with Cen Feinuo, Yang Yue and such an incredible cast right after announcing his relationship, this meant his heart is still in his career!”

“With his career and good looks still intact, as long as his wife is virtuous and modest, I will still support him!”

“He Jiang never associates himself with variety shows. This time, he even invested in one just for his partner. Only an idiot would think that Xiao Jing is a modest guy. Just continue lying to yourself.”

“If he dares to be difficult, I’ll make sure to reduce him to tears and fear walking out in public.”

“He Jiang and his wife are two separate entities. We are fans of He Jiang, not his wife, so why worry?”

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“I think you will all become fans of the couple. He Jiang’s wife’s fingers are so pretty. As someone with a fetish for pretty hands, I’m so in love now.”

“With a soothing voice and beautiful hands, his facial features must be average.”

Shang Jing was still unaware of the existence of these additional 80 million mother-in-laws who appeared online overnight. Thinking he would be half a public figure and lose his freedom once the variety show aired, he wanted to take the chance to tour the supermarket.

“Going out?” He Jiang emerged from his study.

Shang Jing: “Going to the supermarket.”

He Jiang: “Come and sign some contracts first.”

Shang Jing recently experienced the feeling of signing contracts till his hands were numb. There were separate contracts for the cut he was going to get from the variety show and the advertisements within, not to mention the numerous management contracts by the studio.

He flipped through the contracts and frowned. “Why is there a need for life insurance?”

He quickly flipped to the last few pages of the contract to see who the stated beneficiary was. If it was He Jiang, this would be the prelude to some society news.

He Jiang: “It’s required for all outdoors variety shows.”

Having made sure the beneficiary was himself, Shang Jing signed the document without a second thought.

Shang Jing’s fingers were long, slender and fair. After years of playing the piano, they were healthy and beautiful, giving one the urge to gently cradle and protect them.

He Jiang’s Adam apple bounced up and down as he averted his eyes. “I’ll buy an additional set of insurance for your hands.”

Shang Jing took a look at his hands and replied, “Oh, that seems plausible.”

“I’m done signing these. I’m going to the supermarket, can I get you anything?”

“No, come back early…” He Jiang swallowed the rest of his sentence and said, “Have a good time, you’ll have to don a cap the next time you go out.”

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