Chapter 17.3: Thank You For The Congratulatory Money (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 17.3: Thank You For The Congratulatory Money (3)

“Fine. Here’s my congratulatory money to the both of you.”

When Yang Yue thought Shang Jing’s call was from a scammer, he had teased him by asking him whether he wanted 100k or 80k. It was inappropriate for him to go back on his word now.

After Yang Yue was gone, He Jiang pulled Shang Jing in by his chin and took a deep breath. “Is it a matter of you playing one match or two? Don’t you feel terrible after losing sleep every time you engage in a gun match?”

What? My insomnia was due to a psychological trauma?

Shang Jing was shocked but he did not dare to express it on his face. Going along with the flow, he apologized, “I was just itching to play a match.”

He Jiang: “Can’t you turn off the sound effects?”

Shang Jing: “How would I hear the nearby footsteps and gunshots if I turn the sound effects off? I’ll die without knowing why.”

He Jiang was speechless. “With your skills… Forget it.”

Shang Jing automatically completed his sentence in his mind… With my level of skills, I could win even without the sound effects.

To think I had such great techniques.

He Jiang instructed Lin Lin to monitor the situation online for any posts written with the intention to hurt Shang Jing while he continued to stay at the hospital for another hour of observation after his IV drip.

By the time he left the hospital, the sky was already starting to brighten.

When the car reached the villa, the Sun was already sitting proudly over the horizon.

Shang Jing was still awake when he alighted from the car. But the moment he stepped into the house, fatigue hit him.

He let out a yawn and collapsed on He Jiang’s bed after helping him on it. “I can’t take it anymore.”

He Jiang looked at the deeply asleep Shang Jing and checked the time, 6.30AM.

Shang Jing would never tell him about his condition when he was still oblivious about his tendency to lose sleep over the games they played.

Did he only get to sleep when the sun was out then wake up shortly after to go for classes?

He Jiang flipped Shang Jing over to take off his jacket and wrap him in a blanket. Grabbing his phone, he walked to the balcony to rush a certain psychiatrist.

As his finger hovered on top of the call button, a text distracted him…

【I’ve boarded the plane, get your little friend ready.】

Shang Jing woke up at 12PM from the aroma of dumplings.

A sniff and he was sure they were the dumplings he made.

Since an unknown point in time, the dumplings he made had become a common commodity in the house whereby He Jiang would have a large plate of it everytime.

Shang Jing picked up a dumpling with his chopsticks and stared at it. Every single fold was his effort.

Chomp. And it was gone in a bite.


He Jiang put down his chopsticks and asked, “Regarding your insomnia issue, are you willing to talk to a psychiatrist to figure out its root cause?”

Shang Jing froze with a dumpling in his mouth.

How am I going to find the root cause when I’ve lost my memories? Am I expected to make up a childhood trauma out of imagination?

He buried his face in his large-sized dumpling bowl, mumbling, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

He Jiang: “Don’t you like playing games? You can play them with ease once you are cured.”

Shang Jing pinched the edge of the bowl. He was worried about letting the truth of his amnesia slip if they continued on this topic. After all, He Jiang was still more knowledgeable about his past than him.

He remarked guiltily, “For something that can be solved by turning off the sound effects, why spend the money to engage a psychiatrist? I-I’m done with my meal.”

He Jiang stared at Shang Jing’s back as he fled. His brow furrowed together. Pulling out his phone, he sent the psychiatrist, Jiang Wen, a text: 【He’s very resistant to treatment.】

Active cooperation of the patient during the treatment of their mental disorders were key to their success. It was useless to force him there physically.

Jiang Wen replied: 【Then let’s start the counseling as friends.】

On the other side, Shang Jing was immersed in his phone after returning to his room. He was initially intending to review what kind of comments the netizens had for him but was distracted by the messages from the trio group.

Yang Yue’s fiance: 【[Hug][Hug][Hug…][Good Luck][Red Packet]】

Cen Feinuo’s secret girlfriend: 【[Hug][Hug][Hug…][Good Luck][Red Packet]】

Shang Jing’s eyebrows shot up as he opened the e-packets happily.

Yang Yue’s fiance sent him 88 yuan while Cen Feinuo’s secret girlfriend sent him 8888 yuan.

That was understandable. Yang Yue had already given him his congratulatory money last night. As his fiance, who could be considered his half-wife, her share was already included in that sum.

As for Cen Feinuo’s secret girlfriend, it was obvious she was giving hers individually.

He happily sent his thanks: 【Thank you both for your congratulatory money. I’ll make sure to invite the both of you to our wedding.】

One minute later.

Yang Yue’s fiance: 【What a strong mental fortitude!】

Cen Feinuo’s secret girlfriend: 【Formidable, you are truly formidable!】

Shang Jing was humble in his thoughts. He did not use any advanced tactics. The only thing he did was make He Jiang’s life more difficult than it was until he agreed to do so.

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Shang Jing: 【Good luck! I believe the both of you can do it too!】

Cen Feinuo’s secret girlfriend:【I heard Cen Feinuo is going to participate in a variety show. I hope I can be his partner. It’s fine even if I’m not paid.】

Shang Jing had an inkling Cen Feinuo’s secret girlfriend was also someone in the entertainment scene. He hesitated. The variety show was He Jiang’s investment and there were real couples and trainee couples in it. Since Cen Feinuo’s partner was still unconfirmed, should he open a backdoor for his secret girlfriend? She seemed like a pretty nice person.

Therefore, he approached He Jiang to seek his approval.

He Jiang: “Are you so eager to become the lady boss of the studio?”

Shang Jiang blushed. Turning his embarrassment into anger, he scolded, “Is that not allowed?!”

He Jiang smiled. “Sure, little boss lady.”

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