Chapter 17.2: Thank You For The Congratulatory Money (2)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 17.2: Thank You For The Congratulatory Money (2)

Yang Yue took eight minutes to reach the villa’s door and another ten minutes to send He Jiang to the Emergency Room.

Another ten minutes later, He Jiang was lying on a hospital bed with an IV drip attached to his arm.

This half an hour was a torture to Yang Yue. Every minute felt like a year as he watched things unfold in front of his eyes. Between this couple, one was sick and the other was flustered. None of them had taken a look at their handphones and were still blissfully unaware of what was happening outside.

On the other hand, he, the main culprit, was constantly monitoring the situation on his phone.

Even though it was 3AM, the internet was exceptionally active. It was possible every fan of He Jiang had been woken up by the news. Everywhere he looked, there were comments from them, preaching other fans to “Don’t spread rumors, don’t create them. Let’s wait for their official statement” and “Show concern towards He Jiang’s health, not his personal life”...

Some hot-tempered fans even started quarrels with his fans.

Feeling wronged, they started to scold He Jiang’s fans back.

The ‘Top search ranking’ was also in arrays. One moment it was ‘He Jiang illness’, another moment it was ‘Yang Yue hang up’ and the next moment it was ‘Is Cen Feinuo still asleep’...

Yang Yue: “...” What the hell is this?!

The cold saline water coursed through He Jiang’s veins. He closed his eyes and felt the pain in his temples diminish as clarity returned to his mind.

He took a look at Yang Yue and frowned. “What happened?”

Yang Yue paused for a moment and handed his phone to him. “I can’t bring myself to say it.”

Shang Jing raised his eyebrows. He moved closer to look at the phone’s content with He Jiang.

He Jiang: “...”

Shang Jing: “...”

Shang Jing poked He Jiang’s arm. “Have you drafted the composition? Hurry and post it!”

He Jiang closed his eyes. He had half a mind to rush home and tear that seven pages long proposal to shreds. “I didn’t draft it.”

Shang Jing: “Then what do you intend to do now?”

He Jiang pondered for a moment then stretched his hand with the IV needle attached towards Shang Jing. “Give me your hand.”

Thinking he wanted to visit the washroom, Shang Jing immediately placed his hand beneath He Jiang’s palm to provide some support.

However, that was not what He Jiang wanted. He interlaced his fingers with Shang Jing’s, pushed them down on top of the hospital blanket and snapped a photo of their hands.

Next, he launched his Weibo, captioned it and sent it.

【My dear Jing.】

Shang Jing looked at those three words. Even though it was just a normal introduction without any flowery embellishment and was a far cry from a tear-jerking confession, his heart felt like it was hit by something and bloomed like flowers in spring.

His hand that was still being held by He Jiang started to heat up. He involuntarily clenched his fists but stopped after realizing the needle that was still embedded in He Jiang’s hand.

He Jiang, on the other hand, was replying to his fans in the comments section, reassuring them that he was just down with a fever and will be discharged after he was done getting his IV drip. As a parting statement, he thanked everyone for their concern.

Half of the comments urged He Jiang to take care of himself while the other half was curious about what his partner looked like.

“What a good-looking hand. I want to be held like this too. Either one of those hands is fine, even if it is to grab me by the nape of my neck to throw me away.”

“I hope my bro doesn’t marry a pain-in-the-ass. Please live a happy life.”

“I hope He Jiang is particular about looks. Who’s with me?”

“Fam, you read my mind! A male god should be paired with a male god.”

Shang Jing glanced at the comments section and saw the comment of He Jiang’s fans praying for He Jiang not to marry a difficult person who would decrease their male god’s charms.

That comment received 500k likes.

Shang Jing: “...”

Were these fans looking at their situation from God’s perspective?

Luckily he had opted for the coy wife personality in the variety show.

He Jiang put down his phone and looked at Shang Jing. In a nonchalant tone, he asked, “So what were you doing in my room?”

Yang Yue who could not find an opportunity to interject since he handed his phone over: “...”

Hello, I’m still here?

Shang Jing looked at the ceiling then his shoes. He casually formed an excuse, “Oh, I came out for a glass of water then heard some noise in your room and thought you were in distress.”

He Jiang: “You heard? I don’t think I made any noise?”

Shang Jing poured a cup of warm water for He Jiang to warm his hands. “Shut up and drink your water.”

He Jiang placed the cup aside and asked with a serious face, “Be honest, did you play the game?”

Shang Jing sat down at the end of the bed, effectively putting some distance between them. But he was not ready to own up to his deed. “I was just kind enough to sacrifice my sleep to take care of you.”

Yang Yue watched the two of them fight because of a game. It seemed none of the people in question was concerned about announcing their relationship to the public. Sadness and anger whelmed up in him. Why was he the only one anxious about it?!

He Jiang looked at Yang Yue and said, “Add Shang Jing on WeChat.”

Without ado, he took out his handphone and even chose an eye-catching name for Shang Jing.

He was suddenly reminded of the scene when Shang Jing called him. Could it be that Shang Jing had all of He Jiang’s friend’s numbers?

To think He Jiang was willing to share them with him. This must be true love.

Afterwhich, He Jiang took over Yang Yue’s phone and made a series of taps.

Search Hosted Novel for the original.

Yang Yue, too, was a player of PUBG. In his friend’s list, Shang Jing’s name was listed with the indication ‘Last online 4 hours ago’ beside.

Caught red-handed.

Shang Jing had merely hidden the APP on his phone and forgot about the others. “... I’ve only played a couple of matches. You’re even stricter than parents trying to prevent their kids from falling into a game addiction.”

He Jiang laughed out of anger. “How do you still have the cheek to mention game addiction prevention…”

He Jiang paused to look at Yang Yue and said, “You can find somewhere to rest first.”

Yang Yue: “...”

Fuck, is this how my viewers felt when the live broadcast was cut off halfway?

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