Chapter 17.1: Thank You For The Congratulatory Money (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 17.1: Thank You For The Congratulatory Money (1)

There was a calm before the storm. Soon, the live broadcast exploded and comments covered the entire screen like a short-circuited television.




The key words climbed to the top of the ‘top search ranking’ one by one. Unless a meteor fell and destroyed all of the computers in the country, there was no way the news was going to go unnoticed.

“Who turned on their screen recording to catch Kiddo Yang’s singing and ended up recording a major piece of news?! Me!”

“Parachute, stop sleeping. Your house is crumbling. Hurry and wake up to take care of the situation!”

“The platform owners must be popping bottles of champagne to celebrate now. There is no free lunch in this world. The one paying is either you or your friend.”

“Ineffective live broadcast results in deduction of pay. Does that mean an explosive live broadcast warrants additional pay?!”

“Platform owners, please increase Kiddo Yang’s pay!”

“It’s going down! I pity the programmers for having to work at 3AM.”

“Pity +1”

“@IamLinLin, Sister, stop sleeping! Wake up and manage the situation!”

“On a side note, why isn’t anyone concerned over what He Jiang is down with?”

“He Jiang’s partner’s voice is so soothing. The way he spoke was so polite!”

“As a fan, I’m in tears now. I’ve already sensed some signs of him being in love three years ago. To think this day has finally come.”

“Waiting for @Hejiangstudio to release a statement saying that was an imposter.”

“Maybe it was just someone with a similar voice? Don’t you think it sounds different from his usual voice?”

“He’s sick. Of course he will sound different.”

“Stop questioning it. Look at Kiddo Yang’s reaction. They are such old friends, would he not be able to tell if someone was imitating He Jiang’s voice?”

“Damn! I actually believed the fake news of the three of them falling out! What kind of touching brotherly love is this?”

“I am now a firm believer that Cen Feinuo goes to bed at 9.30PM. If not, why would He Jiang call Yang Yue instead of him knowing how untrustworthy he is?”


Yang Yue quickly went offline with a loophole-ridden statement, “Scammers are getting more and more intelligent. They can even imitate others’ voices. Everyone, remember to stay on your guard at all times.”

But no one believed him. A series of comments floated across the screen.

“Then why did you hang up the phone? Continue!”

“Please explain why a scammer has your number.”

“Didn’t you say the live broadcast will last three hours? Has it been half an hour?”

“Are you skipping out on my favorite spam phone call segment?”

“I want to hear He Jiang’s scolding in person.”

As Yang Yue slowly jogged towards his car garage, he called the staff members from He Jiang’s studio one by one.

Having her phone on 24 hours a day, Lin Lin was the first to pick up. She was stunned for a moment after hearing the news. “Are you going to pick He Jiang up now?”

Yang Yue: “I’m so sorry Lin Lin, I didn’t think…”

Lin Lin: “Ask him what he intends to do when you see him. He has intentions to announce his relationship anyway.”

This time, it was Yang Yue’s turn to be stunned. “When did he get attached?”

But before Lin Lin could answer, the answer had popped up in his mind. “Is it his ex-boyfriend?”

Lin Lin: “Were you cooped up in your recording studio the entire day?”

Yang Yue: “Yeah.”

Lin Lin immediately understood the situation. The studio contacted both Yang Yue and Cen Feinuo’s studios today to invite them to participate in the variety show. But Yang Yue had the habit of overlooking everything around whenever he was immersed in recording a song. Plus, this was something he would surely agree to so his manager decided not to interrupt him to seek his approval and proceeded to make an appointment with their studio tomorrow to discuss things in detail.

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Lin Lin: “It’s alright. Send He Jiang to the hospital first. Be sure to avoid the paparazzis.”

While waiting for Yang Yue’s arrival, Shang Jing placed a wet towel on He Jiang’s forehead in a bid to bring his temperature down.

This was the first time he had seen He Jiang sick. An indescribable emotion welled up in him. After much thought, he realized he was being soft-hearted and could not bring himself to deploy any tricks at this moment.

But who would play tricks on the sick?

He Jiang’s head was aching from the fever. Occasionally when he opened his eyes to see Shang Jing crouching by his bedside, he could not help thinking how much he resembled a puppy. That somehow had a soothing effect on his head.

He said, “You can go to bed when Yang Yue arrives.”

Shang Jing: “I’m not sleepy.”

Thinking he was just forcing himself to stay awake, he said, “I am not going to have an operation, I don’t need so many people around.”

Shang Jing: “...” But he was really not sleepy.

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