Chapter 16.4: The Right Way To Announce Our Relationship (4)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 16.4: The Right Way To Announce Our Relationship (4)

To start off the challenge, Yang Yue exhibited his phone to his viewers. “Fam, look closely. There is WIFI and phone signal, and I have no whitelisted numbers. The time starts now, I’ll set the challenge limit to three hours.”

He set his number as private and put his phone down in front of the camera. To pass time, he immersed himself in a mystery novel.

“It’s settled, you have no sex life. Next.”

“I knew you were an innocent boy! There is nothing worth hiding in your phone!”

“Challenging this trend from 2AM to 5AM? How about changing the playing time? Who will call you at this time?”

“Change a time +1”

“This is the most boring yet exciting game I’ve ever seen in a live broadcast.”

“Cen Feinuo is calling you!”

“Don’t implicate others, thanks. Cen Feinuo is currently in my bed.”


Yang Yue occasionally looked at the raging comments section to answer some questions. Even though he had been ignoring all questions relating to He Jiang and Cen Feinuo, the questions did not stop. There were a number asking whether the three of them had turned against each other over a woman.

There was a tacit agreement between the three of them to not unnecessarily subject their friendship to the harsh criticism of the public. Moreover, without any official collaboration between them all these years, it was even more unnecessary to mention one another in front of cameras.

This is such a convenient game. I just have to throw my handphone in front of the camera and it’s done.

Half an hour later, he received a message from the platform manager: 【Ineffective live broadcast will result in deduction of your pay.】

Search Hosted Novel for the original.

The platform manager had probably noticed the lack of progression in the game and decided to send the message to liven up the situation.

Going with the flow, Yang Yue picked up his phone to banter with him, causing a major roar of laughter in the broadcast.

2.30AM, Shang Jing stood barefoot outside He Jiang’s door to listen for any motion.

Cough. When he pretended to lose sleep previously, He Jiang came to his room to sleep with him. Now that he really lost sleep, the more he should do so, right?

But he merely stood there, hesitating, trying to muster some courage to enter the room.

If I’m truly a pain-in-the-ass, this would be a good time to act up, right?

And if I’m a coy wife, what’s wrong with going to my husband’s room for some late night sweet talks?

Either way, his intrusion was justified.

He pushed the door open.

In the dark, He Jiang was deep asleep under the protection of his comforter.

I’ll not disturb him and just lie down beside and try to go to sleep.

He felt around the bed in the darkness. Suddenly, his hand came into contact with He Jiang’s arm. It was burning hot.

What’s happening? Is he running a fever?

Shang Jing felt He Jiang’s forehead. The temperature was even higher than his arm. He quickly switched on the bedside lamp to reveal He Jiang’s flushed face. It was obvious he was running a late night fever.

“Wake up!” Shang Jing shook He Jiang. “Do you want to go to the hospital?”

He Jiang slowly opened his eyes and took a look at Shang Jing. “What time is it?” he asked.

Is it morning already?

Shang Jing: “2.30AM.”

He Jiang: “Then what are you doing here?”

Trying to change the topic, Shang Jing gushed, “Forget about why I am here at this time. You need to see a doctor now. Should I call 120?”

He Jiang could feel his head spinning. He croaked, “It’s fine, I’ll go in the morning. You can go back to bed.”

But Shang Jing was not having any of it. He was overwhelmed with anxiety. With anger and nervousness, he shouted, “How can I fall asleep with you like this? What if you sustain brain damage from the fever?”

Wouldn’t I become a widow?

He ran out to grab a thermometer and a glass of warm water to help He Jiang measure his temperature.

Three minutes later, Shang Jing looked at the screen on the thermometer.

Nearly 39°C! This requires a trip to the hospital, right? But I don’t have a driving license!

He Jiang was feeling terrible. He laid back down in bed after drinking a sip of water. Calling out to Shang Jing, he said, “Give Yang Yue a call, get him to send me to the hospital.”

Yang Yue lived ten minutes away from him and was probably still not asleep yet.

Shang Jing: “Oh oh! Ok!”

Just nice, he had received Yang Yue’s handphone number today.

Without thinking, he dialed the number.

“Hello, I am He Jiang’s partner, He Jiang is sick…”

Back in the live broadcast, Yang Yue covered his phone and called out in front of the camera animatedly, “Fam! It’s a scam call!”

The mood in the broadcast instantly exploded with liveliness. Comments urging him to tease the caller flooded the entire screen. Whether it was someone pretending to be He Jiang’s wife or a scam call, this was going to be an explosive topic.

“I am going to die of laughter. Pretending to be He Jiang’s wife in front of my Kiddo Yang?!”

“There is some news going around about scammers pretending to be the wives of superstars to con their girlfriend-fans! Yang Yue, you better reflect on yourself why the scammers are targeting you!”

“I, Emperor Qin Shihuang, pledge a donation!”

As per popular demand, Yang Yue asked in a caring voice, “Do you need 100k or 80k?”

Shang Jing was stunned. Thinking the money was to cover the medical bills, he said, “Bring as much as you can…”

Yang Yue: “Do you know who I am?”

Seeing the two of them still chit chatting away, He Jiang snatched the phone out of Shang Jing’s hand in frustration and said, “Cut the nonsense, come over now.”

Yang Yue: “...”

I’ll be going offline now, fam.

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