Chapter 16.3: The Right Way To Announce Our Relationship (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 16.3: The Right Way To Announce Our Relationship (3)

The cold autumn wind brought about a breath of fresh air while lowering the temperature in the room at the same time. By the end of the hour, He Jiang’s temples were throbbing as he let out a sneeze.

There were already signs of him catching the cold from Shang Jing the day before after running through the garden with a sweat-soaked back followed by exposure to the cool wind by the lake. But he had disregarded it.

In the end, Shang Jing recovered while his condition worsened.

He closed the window and continued his work for another hour before heading to the shower to wash up.

But the water that came out from the shower head was cold. It was then that He Jiang remembered he had engaged some technicians to check the household appliances today to ensure Shang Jing’s safety and forgot to switch the temperature back.

But his clothes were already off and he was too lazy to wait for hot water. Moreover, he has had cold showers before in this season and even swam in ice water when he was filming. This was nothing.

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Even so, there was no reason to prolong the agony. He quickened his pace and got dressed for bed.

The sudden addition of the variety show in his schedule had overtaxed him today.

Before he slipped into dreamland, his mind was still in overdrive, recounting the things he had to do. He scratched at the unsettling feeling that he had forgotten something. But no matter how hard he tried to remember, he could not figure it out and decided to let it go. It was probably not that important anyway if he could not remember it.

Shang Jing locked his room door the moment he got back and dived into the sheets with his handphone. After plugging in a pair of earphones, he was set to explore the game he downloaded earlier in the day.


But the account he logged into with his current WeChat account was new and bare, as was He Jiang’s when he checked the friends list.

Which account did we use in the past?

Feeling as though a wet blanket was thrown over him, he joined a match and quickly regained his initial excitement.

Wow, this interface looks familiar and these movements feel natural… 

The game system would only match beginners up against bots in their first few rounds, lowering the difficulty level to that of chopping vegetables.

Boom boom boom…

Shang Jing’s confidence skyrocketed the more he played. After consecutively firing twenty shots from his 98k sniper rifle, he finally took the life out of a motionless bot. He whistled happily, he had such great marksmanship.

Two rounds later, he exited the game with much satisfaction and prepared himself for bed.

Even though the game was fun, there was a lack of interaction and did nothing to help him recover his memories.

He had to think of a way to get He Jiang to agree to him playing the game and go through a few matches with him.

But now, he should sleep. He closed his eyes.

Boom boom boom…

An intense round of gunshots echoed in his ears like a broken record, each more frightening than the one before. It was like a danger warning signal had been triggered and he could only helplessly wait for the ferocious beast to pounce on him.

An hour later, Shang Jing flipped over in bed.

That couldn’t be. I have only played two matches in secret and am too excited to sleep?

Three hours later, Shang Jing sat up in bed to calm his racing heart.

Could it be that I’m feeling guilty for playing the game behind He Jiang’s back? Who raised my moral grounds so high?

The moment he closed his eyes, he could hear gunshots reverberating through the walls of the villa, causing his heart to pump with anxiety. He got down from the bed and walked two rounds around it, feeling the need to talk to someone.

And wanting someone to talk to him.

But He Jiang was already deep asleep.

Plus, even if he was still awake, he would also not have the courage to tell him the truth causing him to lose sleep.

Shang Jing continued to walk around along the bed to calm himself and induce some sleepiness. However, even after eighty rounds of that, he was still wide awake. He reached for the door handle.

I’ll just take a peep outside. What if He Jiang is still awake?

The living room was a scene of calmness. Moonlight poured in from the windows, providing a soft veil on the cold white floor.

It was now 2AM. Some people were asleep, some people were losing sleep and there were some who were still shouting excitedly in a live broadcast.

Yang Yue recently became an ambassador for a short video sharing platform and was required to upload a short video every week. In addition, within seven days of signing the contract, he had to go on live for at least three hours.

As a nocturnal, it was common for him to burn the midnight oil to arrange songs when inspiration hits. And tonight was one such night. After his recording, he decided to ride off the excitement and go live.

His live session was immediately featured on the homepage of the APP. Coupled with his fans spreading the word through word of mouth and the platform making it a hot trending topic, he was able to gather tens of millions of viewers within a short time.

“Kiddo Yang, you are finally going live. Mama has been guarding the platform for a long time!’

“Are you going to sing us some lullabies? I’m losing sleep!”

“A ten million pay cheque for a live karaoke session at 2AM? Fam, does this count as ruffling the feathers of the platform?”

Yang Yue cleared his throat. “I’ve just gotten out of recording a song so I’ll not sing today. We will attempt something different.”

He scrolled through his feed and noticed a trending challenge online, ‘heart rate challenge’. “Let’s play this!”

The challenge included broadcasting his handphone interface and picking up any texts or calls that came by during the challenge time. It was undoubtedly a nerve wrecking challenge to any star.

Yang Yue was the first of them courageous enough to attempt it.

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