Chapter 16.2: The Right Way To Announce Our Relationship (2)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 16.2: The Right Way To Announce Our Relationship (2)

Yang Yue’s fiance: 【We’ve met each other’s parents, that’s the biggest assurance he could gave me.】

Cen Feinuo’s secret girlfriend: 【Cen Feinuo is a really nice person! His personality is an assurance itself! He even lent me his phone to view some videos when mine went out of battery.】

Shang Jing: “...” I have also met He Jiang’s elders and played with his handphone before. Why do I still think He Jiang is a douchebag?

These women are beyond saving!

Shang Jing exited the chat with a heavy heart. Seemed like he was the only one in this chat who still remembered their original goal of publicizing their relationship. As a temporary parting gift, he forwarded an article to the group, ‘Three signs to tell you how unreliable men in the entertainment scene are’.

A good deed a day will keep the gloom away.

The next day, the studio was thrown into overdrive to draft the preliminary contracts for the show’s participants. Shang Jing was requested to appoint the studio as his acting manager to handle all his showbiz activities from the commencement of filming to one month after the release of episodes.

In addition, the studio had confirmed various details of the programme, including the director of the show. Knowing He Jiang was joining the show with resources and manpower, the director nearly had a heart attack from the excitement. Without wasting a second, he sent a blank contract template with a large section of blank clauses for the studio to freely fill in their requirements.

In the evening,He Jiang handed the acting management contract to Shang Jing to sign.

Shang Jing flipped through the contract, reading every single clause page by page, word by word. Employers were famous for exploiting loopholes in contracts. He must be careful not to fall into one.

But till the very end, he was unable to identify any, except for the extremely low 1000 yuan penalty if the contract was breached, and decided to sign his name on it.

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Next, He Jiang handed him the contract for the variety show.

He Jiang: “Take a look at the contract first. Let me know if there’s any part you want to change.”

Shang Jing: “Are you required to sign a copy of this contract too?”

He Jiang: “Yes.”

Shang Jing: “Then make mine the same as yours.”

Come to think of it, I heard the studio also invited Cen Feinuo and Yang Yue to join the show. These three are indeed good buddies.

He stretched out a hand towards He Jiang. “Give me Cen Feinuo and Yang Yue’s numbers.”

The last time he checked on He Jiang’s whereabouts, he had accidentally gotten Father and Mother He involved. It was truly awkward. He should make sure not to call them again next time something like that happens. These two, on the other hand, seemed to be suitable candidates.

He Jiang asked, “Are you sure you want to appear on the variety show with me? With my status in the entertainment scene, there is no way to mask it as a joke if you change your mind.”

Shang Jing: “Mm!”

With all seriousness and sincerity, He Jiang asked, “In that case, what do you think is a suitable way to announce our relationship to the public?”

The announcement of a public figure’s relationship was no less than an exciting marriage proposal. The reveal should be romantic and memorable to the participants, and enable them to receive and enjoy their well-deserved attention and blessings from all around.

However, the same seriousness was not demonstrated by Shang Jing who was still lazing around.

Oh? Does he still think he’s playing house?

Suddenly, Shang Jing’s eyes lit up, he had done his research on this topic before. “You can post a small composition of our relationship on your Weibo. It needs to be transparent, stating your ideal type with at least two hundred words of praise. Then talk about how you met me at the lowest point in your life and how I changed your life for the better. You need to raise examples of the similarity and differences between me and your ideal type, arranged from the most important point to the least to fan some emotions in the reader. Finally, you should lament over how having an ideal type is all bullshit because the one you love is me, it was love at first sight. As for who I am, you will introduce some suspense here and reveal that during the show.”

“Let me take a look at the draft before you publish it.”

He Jiang: “...”

Am I in a composition class?

He kept the contracts without another word, intending to figure out the situation on his own.

But Shang Jing was not ready to give up. He followed He Jiang into the study room. “What do you think of my proposal? Remember not to attach any photos…”

He Jiang: “I’ll attach a photo of a puppy.”

Shang Jing: “That’s fine… Eh, no, are you indirectly making fun of me?”

He Jiang: “Congratulations, you’ve noticed that. Hurry off to bed, the lack of sleep will not only slow down your recovery, you may even become stupider.”

“I’ve already recovered.” Shang Jing looked at the time. It was only 10.30PM, only little kids would go to bed at this timing. But…

He nodded his head obediently. “Then I’ll head off to bed first.”

He Jiang placed the contracts on the table and pulled out Shang Jing’s proposal. A smile formed in his eyes as he slipped into a daze.

He shall draft a contract for that little puppy too.

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