Chapter 16.1: The Right Way To Announce Our Relationship (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 16.1: The Right Way To Announce Our Relationship (1)

Shang Jing was speechless. But he did not want to push his luck in case He Jiang really decided to buy a cell phone signal jammer.

Hmph. Forget buying mobile data! I will use the WIFI tomorrow at my student’s house!

But he was not ready to go to sleep yet, the lure of the game had chased away any form of sleepiness. He rolled around his bed in anger, cursing that baddie He Jiang for preventing him from recovering his memories!

Suddenly, his phone chimed. It was a message notification from WeChat.

There were only five people in his WeChat friends list. He Jiang, Xiao Bei, Lin Lin, Dr. Bo and the security guard whom he added the moment he got back from the garden.

Adding the security guard was extremely important. Should anything happen again next time, the security guard could contact him straight without going through He Jiang. It would most definitely save him a few scoldings from He Jiang.

Looking at the time, the one texting him must be He Jiang.

Maybe he’s texting me to boast about having the foresight to remove the router connector?

Shang Jing drafted a rebuttal in his mind and woke his phone up confidently.

But the text was not from He Jiang.

It was a message from a group chat. Looking at the name of the group chat, Shang Jing’s toes curled up involuntarily around the bedsheets.

【Alliance Of The Desperate Coy Wives】

Yang Yue’s fiance: 【@He Jiang’s wife, have you made up with He Jiang?】

What kind of group is this? When did I join them?

Other than public accounts and He Jiang’s fan accounts, there was no active chat nor anyone in his friend’s list when he woke up from the car accident.

Shang Jing stared at the message, not daring to reply. He must have joined the group before he lost his memory. Judging from his past habit of deleting chat records, it was only natural for the group to be hidden from him until one of the other members sent a message.

There are a total of three members in the group. The ID of the members are Yang Yue’s fiance, Cen Feinuo’s secret girlfriend, and himself, He Jiang’s wife.

Based on the format of their ID, Shang Jing deduced the identity of Yang Yue and Cen Nuofei to be celebrities.

And to no one’s surprise, a quick search revealed the fact that all three of them debuted from the same television drama.

They were even said to be single on the Baidu encyclopedia even though everyone in this group chat seemed to be attached…

Shang Jing frowned.

Further navigating the chat, he noticed a general notice posted which took him three full minutes to read. He extracted the following main points.

Turns out, the other two members were on the same boat as him. They were the secret lovers of Yang Yue and Cen Feinuo.

They had gotten to know each other by chance and formed the group to encourage one another in their fight to publicize their relationship with their other halves.

“Our husbands are working hard to keep our relationships under wraps. Little did they know, their wives have banded together! Please delete the chat records after reading to protect our privacy and prevent any leakage of information!”

Shang Jing: “...”

Good lord, there aren’t any good people left in the entertainment scene.

Birds of the same feather flock together. All three of them looked so decent appearance-wise, who would suspect every one of them were dabbling in such underground relationships secretly.

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Shang Jing saved the group into his address book and renamed it as ‘Fruits supplier’.

The more he said, the more mistakes he would make. Without a chat record to refer to, it was impossible for Shang Jing to know how in depth the group had conversed previously. But ‘Yang Yue’s fiance’ should be asking about the quarrel he had with He Jiang over him wearing shorts.

He crafted a brief reply: 【We’ve made up for the time being.】

He can’t mention anything about his intention to get a divorce. Who knew how tight-lipped this bunch of people were.

Yang Yue’s fiance: 【That good, we’ve all gotten used to it anyway. Just tolerate it, things will get better soon.】

Shang Jing’s fingers tightened around his phone.

Isn’t this ‘we’ve all gotten used to it anyway’ looking a little too pathetic?

Even though he was able to jump out of the fire after losing his memories, there were still people in this world blinded by love.

Shang Jing: 【What is a habit? It’s just a settled tendency formed after 21 days of repetition. Why can’t we be the ones to help them form better habits?】

Yang Yue’s fiance: 【Did you change your personality???】

Shang Jing: “...” Was his simp image that deeply etched in the mind of others? If not, how were they able to spot his out-of-character moments so easily?

Without agreeing or disagreeing, he said:【Mm, I have some new thoughts about life recently.】

Yang Yue’s fiance: 【Agreed. I’ll give you my support.】

Cen Feinui’s secret girlfriend: 【Support!】

With the appearance of the third member, Shang Jing suddenly felt a little awkward.

Did I express my disgruntled wife character too much in this chat previously? Is that why the other two are offering such immediate support for my decision to change?

The thought of the other two seeing him at his worst sent his blood rushing to his face.

Shang Jing: 【I’ve been thinking of going public with my relationship recently. What did your boyfriends offer you as consolations?】

Houses? Cars?

Shang Jing was eager to collect data. He Jiang was so wealthy, he shouldn’t be giving him less than his peers, right? He needed a benchmark.

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