Chapter 15.3: What Kind Of Coy Wife Are You? (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 15.3: What Kind Of Coy Wife Are You? (3)

Having promised to demonstrate his ability to be a coy wife, Shang Jing was especially cooperative that night. When He Jiang cooked dumplings, he prepared the vinegar. When He Jiang cleaned the dishes, he offered the dishwashing rags. He could be said to be extremely well-behaved. When they were about to retire for the night, Shang Jing asked He Jiang confidently, “How is my performance today?”

He Jiang: “It was average. Rest early.”

Shang Jing: “Okok.”

Shang Jing skipped back to his room. After placing his pajamas and underwear in the toilet, he picked up his phone to download the game. 2 Gigabytes, it should be done by the time he was done with his shower.

What a joyous day.

On the other side, He Jiang stood behind his room door and counted to ten. When he got to ten, he opened his door and sauntered to the living room to unplug the internet router connector.

Coiling it up, he threw it into the kitchen cabinet.

Just then, his phone rang. It was a call from Lin Lin. “There are currently a few channels and online platforms interested in hosting reality tv shows and are actively seeking participants for them.”

He Jiang had countless variety show offers in the past but had rejected all of them.

If he decided to join any one of them, he was sure the channel would not reject him and would even go a step further to tailor a new programme specially for him.

But after discussing it with the studio, they decided to keep the bag of gold to themselves. Instead of joining an existing variety show, they would have more autonomy if they invest and start on a new project themselves.

Moreover… Shang Jing was still an unknown factor. They might need to retain a major part of the editing rights.

Plus, with He Jiang drawing in all the attention, they were not afraid sponsors would not come knocking on their door.

Lin Lin: “I’ve reviewed a few proposals from the team. There is a programme called 《Before Getting Married》. The agenda is to put couples planning to get married through a series of tests. It fits your requirements.”

Of course He Jiang would not adopt Shang Jing’s proposal fully and operate as a married couple. After all, how would he produce a wedding certificate out of nowhere? It would be better to operate under the boyfriend status which had more leeway.

After a moment of thought, he added, “Isn’t there a trend to have practicing couples on variety shows nowadays? Let’s get Cen Feinui and Yang Yue on board too.”

Lin Lin was speechless.

He Jiang, Cen Feinuo and Yang Yue were friends who debuted together in a modern urban drama. It was a suspenseful detective drama the sponsor had specially tailored to star the three of them as the main leads. With the drama’s major success, all three of them were launched into fame.

However, the three of them went their separate ways right after. He Jiang was focused on movies, Yang Yue was a singer-songwriter who released albums and hosted concerts all year long, and Cen Nuofei focused his attention on television dramas, namely scripts set in the twentieth century surrounding war, espionage, and the prevailing social issues of the time.

There were rumors they had a fallout, and also rumors they were in a love triangle with fan-fictions rearing their head from all around.

To make things short, the three of them were the current pillars of the entertainment scene.

But for Shang Jing, He Jiang was willing to gather all three of them to guarantee the success of the show.

Lin Lin could not help asking, “Are you intending to sign Shang Jing on as a new artist?”

Disregarding Shang Jing’s top-notch looks, overseas study experience, fluency in English and Grade 10 piano skills, even if he was an average joe, with this much resources showered on him, it was basically a walk in a park for him to shoot up from a nobody to a B-list artist overnight.

He Jiang: “I have no intention to do so.”

That rascal looks like he’s intending to escape after earning a pot of gold.

Lin Lin: “Then why…”

To put it bluntly, she had intended to keep their on-screen reunion as an ace card for when all three of them hit rock bottom and use the nostalgia to push them back onto the altar.

He Jiang: “It’s the first time Shang Jing is going to appear on television. It will be better for the show to have more people we are familiar with.”

There are too many cases of people stepping on others to gain fame in this industry. One can never be too careful, especially when Shang Jing could be manipulated so easily.

Moreover, their on-screen reunion would suitably draw away some attention from his coupling with Shang Jing and give netizens something to do besides digging into Shang Jing’s personal life.

Lin Lin: “Ok, whatever floats your boat.”

When Shang Jing emerged from his shower, he immediately ran over to his phone excitedly, and had a bucket of cold water thrown on him.

He had only managed to download a small percentage of the game when the internet got cut off.

“...” He shook with anger. There was nothing he could do, especially since he did not have mobile data!

After ensuring there was no movement outside his room, he pretentiously left the room with his glass and surveyed the living room, immediately noticing the missing router cable.


Where did he hide it? I’m just borrowing it. It’ll be fine as long as I return it early in the morning before he finds out. Since I’m not allowed in the kitchen, could that be where he kept it?

But before he could start looking, his attention was drawn to a note stuck on the kitchen cabinet…

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【Good news, a cell phone signal jammer only costs 298 yuan】.

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