Chapter 19.1: First Upload (1)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 19.1: First Upload (1)

He Jiang stared at Shang Jing, he had a feeling this little imp would run away at the blink of an eye. He only wanted Jiang Wen to approach Shang Jing as a friend to lower his defenses and convince him to receive treatment. Who knew such an explosive secret would be revealed.

And why wouldn’t he run away? After all, he only appeared before him by chance. If things had not progressed as they were, his amnesia would have brought him somewhere else.

He Jiang felt suffocated by the fear of how things could have gone. His hand tightened around Shang Jing’s wrist like it was going to slip out of his hand and get carried away by the wind blowing around them.

Shang Xiaojing had lost his memories.

That explained his erratic behavior of calling him Hubby one moment and being extremely difficult the next. Turned out, he was just unsure how he should behave in front of him.

Moreover, Shang Jing actually regarded him as his husband?!

He thought Shang Jing was merely teasing him by calling him Hubby or that he was trying to get something out for him in exchange for those two words.

And to save his contact under the name ‘Hubby’ after refusing to call him that regardless of how much cajoling he did three years ago…

It was fortunate he did not change his phone number.

Lin Lin had once advised him to change it after catching an assistant selling his personal information to fans. But he did not do so as he was still harboring unrealistic hopes that Shang Jing would one day contact him again and was willing to bear the risk of being harassed by fans.

And the fact was that Shang Jing did contact him, one month ago, offering himself up on a plate after losing his memories.

It was also fortunate this little puppy knew to send a photo with his message. That was what convinced him to go. If he did not go to the hospital that day… He Jiang could not bear thinking about the consequences.

Shang Jing looked at He Jiang then Jiang Wen and something clicked in him. “Great! He Jiang, you got a psychiatrist to swindle my secret out of me?!”

He Jiang: “No…”

Shang Jing was sure he was finished. With his secret exposed, He Jiang would surely not participate in the variety show with him. He would then not get his brain fixed and never get his father’s house back.

He was alone once again, without memories, without kin, without a home. He had even lost his husband who was an eyesore after serving him as a coy wife and pain-in-the-ass for so long.

Tears welled up in his eyes. To prevent them from falling, Shang Jing rubbed his eyes aggressively. He pushed He Jiang away and sprinted away from the scene.

“Shang Jing!”

Everything had happened so fast. It felt like a cat had leaped out of his arms at the speed of light, so fast he could not stop it. He immediately gave chase, shouting as he did so, “Shang Jing! I didn’t trick you.”

At this point, he was past caring about being caught by his fans.

Using the few centimeters advantage of his legs, He Jiang caught the crying Shang Jing around the corner, a few steps away from the carpark. He shouted, “Why are you running?!”

But this was not a good place to talk.

He Jiang half carried, half tugged Shang Jing into the passenger seat of his car. He warned, “ If you don’t want to draw attention to yourself then quieten down now!”

After which, he walked briskly to the other side of the car and hopped into the driver's seat. Shang Jing had his arms crossed and was biting his lips. He would not look at him, he would not talk to him.

The scene was comical in a sense. Anyone who did not know the context would think he was the one who dumped him.

He Jiang mocked himself internally. To think he had one-sidedly thought those little actions were hints from Shang Jing to get back together with him when Shang Jing merely mistook him for his husband. Since they were not a real married couple and had separated for three years, it was understandable Shang Jing had a sense of foreignness and distrust in his heart while relying on him.

But to break the news of his amnesia to a stranger he just met on the street rather than him…

He Jiang reflected on his past actions. It was true he had not done anything to make Shang Jing feel secure. He had even shouted at him at the hospital where they first met.

Regret and remorse overwhelmed him. He pinched his increasingly stuffy nose and slowly explained the situation, “When I asked whether you were willing to go through with treatment for your insomnia, you had evaded me. I thought you were just resistant towards visiting a clinic. That’s why I got a psychiatrist to counsel you as a friend.”

Shang Jing’s ears twitched. Deciding to spare He Jiang some attention, he looked at him in his peripheral vision and said skeptically, “Is that so?”

He Jiang: “What else could it be? How am I to know you’ve lost your memories and why would I want to trick you into saying that?”

Shang Jing calmed down.

That’s true…

“You really didn’t trick me?”

“Of course.” He Jiang regarded Shang Jing with downcast eyes. “But to be honest, I am angry that you did not tell me that you’ve lost your memories.”

“As your… husband, I am sad.”

In those few seconds he chased after Shang Jing, He Jiang’s mind was clearer than it ever was. It was then he made a decision… to let the Shang Jing’s continue misunderstanding their relationship.

With how thin-skinned Shang Jing was, if he were to find out their married status was a misunderstanding, that the husband he was bullying the day before was actually his ex-boyfriend, he would definitely escape the city in an overnight train.

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Moreover, Shang Jing had yet to regain his memories and did not have any other kin in the country. Who would have the heart to let this little idiot out to get bullied by others?

He was the only one who could bully him… Plus… He Jiang took a deep breath.

He wanted to give himself and Shang Jing another chance. What if this was the start to another chapter of their relationship?

When Shang Jing regained all his memories, he was willing to accept his… judgment.

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