Chapter 19.2: First Upload (2)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 19.2: First Upload (2)

He Jiang stepped on the accelerator. “Fasten your seatbelt.”

Shang Jing stared out the window. Noticing it was not the way home, his heart jumped out of his chest. “Are we going to the Civil Affairs Bureau? Are you divorcing me?!”

He Jiang choked. He did not know Shang Jing cared about their marriage so much and could not decide whether he should be happy or worried. “What do you mean divorce? We’ve already signed the variety show contracts.”

“Oh, right. I’ve already signed the contracts!” Shang Jing felt his health bar filling back up to its max.

Everything is in black and white, and we’ve already announced the news. He Jiang can’t deny me those profits.

He laid back down on the leather backrest and let his mind wander. He Jiang was actually a good driver. “Where are we going?”

He Jiang: “To seek help for your brain.”

He Jiang had never paid close attention to Shang Jing’s injury before and had taken whatever Shang Jing claimed at face value. As such, he had believed those injuries of his were merely skin deep. But to cause such severe amnesia, the damage must be serious!

He would never be able to go to sleep tonight without sending Shang Jing through a full body check up.

Now that he thinks of it, the last time he met Shang Jing at Huayue Neurology Hospital, he must have been there to seek treatment. How could he believe those nonsensical lies of Shang Jing tailing him?!

He was already a shining star three years ago when they were together. Shang Jing had not only not asked anything of him, he even broke up with him so heartlessly. It was impossible for his morals to change just because he lost his memories.

The reason he wanted money now could be because he did not have sufficient funds to seek the necessary treatment. And sure enough, a private hospital like Huayue Neurology Hospital had a high threshold fee.

The thought of his wife pitifully seeking treatment at the hospital all by himself while he was visiting his aunt…

Putting himself in Shang Jing’s shoes, He Jiang felt a twinge in his heart.

“Oh.” Shang Jing nodded his head. Then as though he was reminded of something, he shouted, “Ah! The snacks I bought are still at the pavilion!”

He Jiang handed his phone to him. “Send a Wechat message to Jiang Wen to get him to collect them.”

“Ok.” Shang Jing buried his head into drafting the message.

After watching the source of conflict flee the scene, Jiang Wen looked at the heavy bag of ‘props’ he had bought then at the two big bags of items Shang Jing bought and lamented, “Why did I forgo being a psychiatrist in the comfort of my air-conditioned office and choose to be a laborer here?”

In a parking lot of Huayue Neurological Hospital, He Jiang unfastened his seat belt and leaned forward to stop Shang Jing from alighting.

“When we meet the doctor later, don’t hide anything. Just answer his questions truthfully.”

“I know, I’m not a three year old kid who still needs cajoling to see a doctor. Didn’t I come alone last time? You even chased after me in the corridors!”

He Jiang raised his hands in defeat. “Fine, fine, it’s all my fault. I’ll accompany you for every session from now on.”

Shang Jing's heart warmed up like a heater. The corners of his lip shot up but he quickly pulled back them down in a bid to hide his happiness. “You said that yourself.”

He had been jealous of Aunt He who had He Jiang visiting and fetching her from the hospital. Both of them were victims of a head injury so why didn’t he get such treatment?

“It's already so late, aren’t all the doctors off duty?”

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He Jiang: “Premium fees call for premium service.”

Shang Jing was brought to the Neurological Department Director’s office and issued a long slip of paper stating the various tests he was set to go through.

He Jiang took the slip and sent Shang Jing to the various rooms for the checkups. After two hours, they were back at the Director’s office.

Dr. Zhang: “May I look at the results of your last check-up?”

He remembered this youngster’s case. But since he requested for his files to be kept a secret, it was only appropriate to seek his permission before getting it out.

Shang Jing: “Yes.”

Therefore, right before He Jiang’s eyes, Dr. Zhang pulled out a medical record from a stack of documents on the table. It was Shang Jing’s.

In the next half an hour, he compared the two results in detail, frowning at the end. “Comparing the results from then and now, there is a portion of your brain going through some minute changes.”

He Jiang’s expression changed.

Dr. Zhang quickly calmed him down, “From my experience, it’s progressing in a good direction. Did you recall anything recently?”

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