Chapter 19.3: First Upload (3)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 19.3: First Upload (3)

Shang Jing rubbed his earlobe. “I recalled something from my childhood, something about my parents. It was just some conversations they had.”

Dr. Zhang: “Were they meaningless conversations or something that was important to you?”

Shang Jing paused to think. After a moment, he continued, “I guess they’re important. It was something my father said to me when we moved. I was really happy then. And I was really upset when my mother sold the house after my father passed away.”

He Jiang stroked Shang Jing’s head gently.

Dr. Zhang: “Was it triggered by anything you saw?”

Shang Jing: “I saw our old house after exiting at the wrong station.”

Dr. Zhang promptly recorded his reply. “Is there anything else?”

Shang Jing hemmed and hawed for a moment while his face turned red.

He Jiang looked downwards and gently reminded him, “Didn’t you promise me to answer truthfully?”

Dr. Zhang took in their interaction and was reminded of a recent piece of news he saw online. Emotionlessly, he said, “You can skip out on any private details pertaining to that part of your married life.”

He Jiang: “...”

Shang Jing’s face brightened like a ripe tomato. If he could hide behind He Jiang now, he would. Plus, he had yet to recall any of such stuff.

“N-No, it’s just a small detail.”

“What is it about?”

Shang Jing lowered his head. With much embarrassment, he iterated, “We were playing a game and he called me stupid.”

Dr. Zhang: “...”

He Jiang:: “...”

Based on the level of importance the two previous memories were to Shang Jing, Dr. Zhang guessed, “Was he very fierce?”

Shang Jing: “Mm.”

Dr. Zhang: “Does he scold you often?”

Shang Jing: “Mm.”

Dr. Zhang looked at He Jiang, the expression in his eyes changed.

He Jiang opened his mouth to defend himself but after some thought, decided to maintain his silence.

Dr. Zhang asked He Jiang, “Do you two engage in such games often in the past?”

He Jiang: “Mm, we were situated in different countries and only talked online. You could consider our first meeting to be in a game.”

Shang Jing’s ears perked up upon He Jiang’s mention of the past.

Turns out we met in a game. Ohh, no wonder an average joe like me could meet such a megastar like him. I must have caught his attention with my exceptional game techniques. 

Dr. Zhang: “When you regained this piece of your memory, was it triggered by any scenery?”

Shang Jing: “It came back to me when we nearly hit the back of the car in front of us.”

Dr. Zhang was done with his questioning. He concluded, “The situation seems optimistic. With the right scenes to trigger his memories, he would be able to recover his memory with time. Mr. He, it would be beneficial for you to share more about his past with him if you are familiar with it.”

He Jiang: “Noted.”

After a pause, a glint flashed past Dr. Zhang’s eyes and he added thoughtfully, “Take note not to over-beautify things and diminish its effectiveness.”

He Jiang: “...”

It was true his temper was not the best when he first met Shang Jing. But who asked Shang Jing to be so annoying in the game?

Have you ever seen a parent go crazy while teaching a child homework? He was one.

When they left the hospital, it was already 9PM. Seeing the piano shop in the distance, He Jiang was reminded of the time Shang Jing requested a piano from him. He had coldly rejected him then. Parking his car in front of the shop, he said, “Go pick out a piano you like.”

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Shang Jing rubbed his hands together with glee. To be honest, he did see one he liked on his last visit.

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