Chapter 19.4: First Upload (4)
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Gaining A Husband After a Memory Loss (BL) Chapter 19.4: First Upload (4)

The shop assistant was still the same one as before. Seeing Shang Jing back again at the shop to get a piano, she was happy for him. “You’ve gotten a divorce?”

Shang Jing: “Not yet. I’m not getting a divorce anymore.”

But someone was probably feeling guilty towards him losing his memories and wanted to buy him a piano as a gift.

Shang Jing made a bold guess. Did he get in the car accident while he was out getting groceries to make He Jiang a meal?

It was only when the words were out of the shopkeeper’s mouth did she notice the person following Shang Jing into the shop was not the assistant from before. From the way he was dressed, he seemed to be Shang Jing’s husband.

Even though he was donning a face mask and cap, she could still not help feeling like she had seen him somewhere before.

She stood there awkwardly, knowing she had said the wrong thing, at the same time scared that she would lose this potential sale.

He Jiang suppressed his volume and asked, “Have you decided? Is this the one?”

Shang Jing: “Mm.”


He Jiang signed the over 1 million yuan check without blinking and left his address for the piano to be sent over the next day.

The shopkeeper was beyond ecstatic over the closing of the sale, thinking how sweet this couple was. They were undoubtedly the pretty artist and his arrogant CEO husband.

Shang Jing climbed back into the car. After his secret of losing his memories had been revealed, he had so many questions he wanted to ask. “What was I out for on the day I got into the accident? Am I out to get groceries or find a job?”

When he woke up, there was a job recruitment flier featuring that day’s date in his pocket.

This question stunned He Jiang. How would he know what he was out for?

It was impossible for him to be out for groceries. Since he just came back from the US, there was a higher probability he was out to find a job.

“I don’t know, you didn’t tell me.”

Shang Jing squinted his eyes.

So it’s true, I was looking for a part time job in secret and did not dare to tell He Jiang. 

“Then I…”

He Jiang interrupted him, “It’s my turn to ask you a question. Did you save my contact under the name ‘Hubby’ in your phone?”

Saving his number under the name ‘Hubby’ after changing to a local number, this was the best news he had heard today. It was even enough to make him smile in his dreams.

To have his simp history of ‘secretly saving He Jiang’s number as ‘Hubby’ even when he was against it’ pointed out so blankly, Shang Jing felt his ego being destroyed. He raged, “Can’t I do that?”

He Jiang laughed, “Of course, you can.”

Shang Jing: “What did I study in the past?”

He Jiang: “You studied music in the US and have since graduated.”

Shang Jing let out a “Hmph”. As an honorable music degree graduate, choosing to become He Jiang’s secret wife to cook and wash his clothes, what was he thinking previously?

How ugly would it be to play the piano with coarse hands?

He babbled off in his heart but little did he know, he had spoken them out loud. He was still counting on He Jiang to lead him in the variety show.

He Jiang: “Other than the contact name, do you have other evidence to prove I’m your husband?”

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Shang Jing: “No!”

He had answered that too fast. He Jiang was unconvinced, his smile widened. “You’re lying.”

Shang Jing: “I’ve lost my memories!”

He Jiang decided to make an informed guess, “I suppose the phone was password protected and your password was my birthday.”

They had changed their passwords to each other’s birthdays in the past.

Shang Jing was like a cat who was getting a belly rub. Regardless of how much he hissed, he could not stop what was coming. In the end, he said with a rigid expression, “Oh, so that’s your birthday? I keyed it intuitively.”

What a disgusting smile. I’ll never show him that extremely sad simp diary of mine.

He Jiang: “Drop your pretense. You obviously recognized me at first glance at the hospital. This meant you searched up my profile online after you woke up. I’m sure my birthday was stated on the Baidu encyclopedia. In other words, not only did you save my contact as ‘Hubby’, you had also written down somewhere that your ‘Hubby’ is me.”

He Jiang laughed hysterically. “Shang Xiaojing, how did you know? Hm?”

Shang Jing was teased beyond words. His cheeks shone a bright red and his eyes darted around the car.

What are you so smug about, douchebag!

Off with the coy wife personality. Just watch me regain my pride in front of the nation!

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