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PBS - Chapter 2205 - Crazy Act, Part One

Qiu Hong was the first friend he met after he came to the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm!

Fate had brought Qiu Hong and him together. Qiu Hong was supposed to die, but Qin Nan's soul coincidentally entered Qiu Hong's body, allowing him to come back to life after reforging his flesh.

Qiu Hong was extremely grateful toward Qin Nan. He even treated Qin Nan as his big brother.

To Qin Nan, the Eight Brilliance Demon Emperor, Xiu Shenliang, Yuanji, and the rest whom he met later were incomparable to Qiu Hong.

He saw Qiu Hong as important as Tang Qingshan, Gong Yang, and the others.

What was he supposed to do now?

If he stopped fighting and allowed Huangfu Jue to take away his memories, the consequences would be unimaginable. However, if he kept resisting, Qiu Hong might die because of him.

"Qin Nan, don't hesitate, if you see him as someone dear, he would understand you too. I bet he wouldn't want you to give Xiang Hun Huangfu Jue's memories for his sake!"

"Besides, even if you did save him now, Xiang Hun will kill both of you in the end!"

"Even if you two managed to live, he would rather die instead of living with guilt!" Li Yangfan transmitted her voice when she saw Qin Nan's reaction.

"Qin Nan, what's wrong? What are you waiting for? Don't you value the people around you? Aren't you the kind who are willing to sacrifice everything for your brother?" 

Xiang Hun chuckled. He waved his hand and said, "Forget it, I'm not a devil. I won't threaten you with someone who is important to you. I can't bear to see you suffer."


Xiang Hun's voice turned cold, "Qiu Hong, strangle yourself to death."

Qiu Hong's eyes were pitch-black without any luster. He responded, "Acknowledge!" 

He reached out his hands and wrapped his fingers around his neck. His face blushed as he started tightening his grip.

His body struggled subconsciously in the fear of death, but Xiang Hun's order was controlling his hands like an absolute rule. He continued to increase his force.


The sight struck Qin Nan's heart like a hammer.

Li Yangfan held her breath too.

"Xiang Hun, stop it, I..." Qin Nan yelled.

Xiang Hun grinned when he saw Qin Nan's reaction.

He was just an ant!

A mere ant!

Qin Nan was willing to give up on Huangfu Jue's memories for someone who was not even in the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm under his current circumstances.

"Aren't you going to do something? Are you just going to watch it happen?" Zhou Xundao who was on the verge of dissipating transmitted his thought deep into Qin Nan's soul.

The Nine Dragons Seal shuddered and started glowing, like it was saying "I will remember the way you are yelling at me." 

A mystical light flew out of Qin Nan's body and entered Qiu Hong's body at an incredible pace.

It was the only thing it could do as the puppet was not in a great condition.


Xiang Hun's smile stiffened. He noticed the curse he placed Qiu Hong under was broken by half.

Qiu Hong's pitch-black eyes immediately flickered.

"What am I..."

He loosened the grip around his neck and looked at his surroundings in confusion.

"Brother Nan!"

He was overjoyed when he saw Qin Nan.

"Qiu Hong, you..."

Qin Nan was startled.

"Curse of Soul-Binding!"

Xiang Hun immediately performed a hand seal.

Qiu Hong groaned. His face twisted in pain, but he had no chance of stopping the force from penetrating him.

Countless memories began to flash across his mind.

He remembered how Xiang Hun had turned him into a puppet in the Six Unity Forbidden Land, how he joined the Heaven-Slaying Sect and helped Qin Nan in the seventy-two Sacred Areas of the Heavens and Earth, and how Xiang Hun had summoned him here today.

"Brother Nan, don't give him the memories!" Qiu Hong yelled.

"That's enough!" Xiang Hun was enraged.

"Xiang Hun, I won't let you use me again!" Qiu Hong clenched his teeth and made up his mind when he sensed the curse was about to devour his will.


Qiu Hong's body shuddered.

His life energy was gone.

He would rather die than turning into Xiang Hun's pawn again. He had chosen to end his life instead of becoming his Brother Nan's burden.

Qin Nan's eyes widened. His body started shaking.

"Damn it!" Xiang Hun cursed with a dark expression.

He did not expect Xiang Hun was able to disobey his curse! 

"What now? At this rate, I won't be able to kill Qin Nan, but I can't afford to let him achieve the Master Realm! That's right, I still have Zhuang Nan with me. I'll ask him to..."

Several thoughts crossed Xiang Hun's mind.

However, before he could transmit his voice to Zhuang Nan, he suddenly felt a great chill running down his spine as if his surroundings were replaced by a frosty ice realm.

"Destruction of Nine Heavens!"

Xiang Hun executed a combination of Dao Arts.

Thirteen ancient rare phenomena occurred between the Heavens and Earth.


A marvelous murderous intent soared into the clouds like a peerless sword.

Qiu Hong's death had greatly provoked Qin Nan. He unleashed wisps of terrifying saber intents to tear the thirteen rare phenomena into pieces.

Xiang Hun was constantly knocked backward by the heavy blows.

Li Yangfan's heart skipped a beat. She clearly noticed the wounds on Xiang Hun's body recovering instantly after they were inflicted.

His half-Indestructible Flesh of Eternity now contained the Will of Eternity!

Qin Nan might have the upper hand now, but he was unable to kill Xiang Hun.

They still could not defeat Xiang Hun even after they had turned the tables around?

"HAHA, Qin Nan, why are you so angry over the death of a mere ant? Isn't it what you want since you have managed to hold on to Huangfu Jue's memories?"

Xiang Hun transmitted a thought as he was speaking, but his expression soon darkened as he scolded Zhuang Nan under his breath!

If Zhuang Nan failed to kidnap Princess Miao Miao and Jiang Bilan, he would not be able to threaten Qin Nan and force him to hand over Huangfu Jue's memories!

Judging from the situation, Qin Nan was unable to kill him, nor was he able to defeat Qin Nan. Qin Nan would eventually achieve the Master Realm and leave the Dao Seeking Land.

He might still be able to claim the Wisp of Indestructible Force and the Art of the Immortal Demon, but he did not want to miss out on such a great opportunity to kill Qin Nan.

"Fine, I'll take those two things for now! Once I have the Indestructible Flesh of Eternity, I'll claim Huangfu Jue's memories from you!" Xiang Hun clenched his teeth. He lifted his gaze to prepare himself for the final battle with Qin Nan.

However, his expression shifted when he noticed something.

Was Qin Nan out of his mind?

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