Chapter 2204: Reborning in Desperate Straits, Part Two
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Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 2204: Reborning in Desperate Straits, Part Two

The cultivators on the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree fixed their gazes on the palace. Their faces were brimming with fear.

They had sensed two terrifying auras coming out of the palace.

The demonic will, in particular, made them felt minuscule like ants.

However, little did they know, the palace that was constructed to seal away the Indestructible Force and the Art of the Immortal Demon had already suppressed most of the auras in it.

The will of the Dao Arts and Master Arts in the palace were suppressed as the whole place was corrupted. 

The green light around Li Yangfan had ceased to exist even though she was the successor of the Heaven-Reaching Dao Tree. Xiang Hun was in a better state. The Sacred Light of Eternity had managed to maintain the space of around a few hundred zhang around him.

However, the difference between his current aura and the one before!


Xiang Hun was in great shock. 

As the Sixth Immortal, he was well aware of the significance of the sight before him.

He was familiar with the illusionary demon figure behind Qin Nan too.

But how was this even possible?

Qin Nan was clearly Zhou Di's reincarnation. How did he suddenly become Huangfu Jue's reincarnation?

An ancient voice spoke in Li Yangfan's mind, "I didn't expect Qin Nan to awaken Huangfu Jue's memories now! Quick, help him to achieve the Master Realm. There might still be a chance!"

Li Yangfan immediately reacted and performed a hand seal.

A huge crack tore open above the palace. A powerful surge of green energy dived into

Qin Nan's wounds and broken bones were recovering at a shocking rate. His aura began to rise too. It had soon reached the peak of his strength.

"Xiang Hun!" Qin Nan's words spread across the rift and left cracks across the sky, which eventually brought chaos and rare phenomena across it.

It felt like the whole world was shaking when Qin Nan opened his eyes.

"I might be an ant, but I'll defeat you today!"

Qin Nan unleashed the twelve Art of Dao Seeking once again. His will soared into the sky while the Divine Battle Spirit floated behind him. He was holding the Heaven-Shattering Saber too.

The illusionary demonic figure which appeared after Huangfu Jue's memories were awakened was also floating behind Qin Nan. Its overwhelming will had constructed a whole new world in which everything was bowing and submitting themselves to it.

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