Chapter 261: I Am Fang Xiaotu
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Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms Chapter 261: I Am Fang Xiaotu

It had been months since he last met Xia Xuanji.

Xia Xuanji’s appearance and demeanor had greatly changed from before, but Fang Chen still recognized him in a single glance. He was chatting with the Spirit Heaven Sect’s first elder, with the second elder and the third elder listening in as well.

The other Spirit Heaven Sect’s cultivators stood outside.

“He’s emanating the aura of a Foundation Establishment cultivator… Could it be that the danger I sensed from the imperial palace back then was from him and not the Spirit Marrow?”

Fang Chen stared intently at Xia Xuanji. He was astonished to learn that the ex-Great Xia emperor was actually a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

If he was not mistaken, Xia Xuanji was only 44 years old.

Cultivation was tough, especially if one didn’t have a proper legacy and ample cultivation resources. It was already a formidable feat for a cultivator to reach Foundation Establishment before their first century.

Take the three elders of the Spirit Heaven Sect for example, none of them had reached Foundation Establishment even though they weren’t young anymore. The key hurdle they faced was the lack of a Foundation Establishment Pill.

The chances were likely that Xia Xuanji had started cultivating from a young age. His backing must be rather formidable, having a proper legacy and having the means to provide him with a Foundation Establishment Pill.

“The Blood Spirit Cult… Xia Xuanji wasn’t bribed by the Blood Spirit Cult; he has been their disciple all along.” Fang Chen’s eyes turned cold.

Despite being Great Xia’s emperor, Xia Xuanji used the blood of his people to pave his way to immortality. The path he walked was dripping with blood.

The Spirit Heaven Sect must be related to the Blood Spirit Cult too, or else Xia Xuanji wouldn’t have appeared here.

“He visited the Cloudless Monastery, and now he’s with the Spirit Heaven Sect. Is he looking for partners for the Blood Spirit Cult to work with, so that they can do something similar to what they did in Great Xia?” Fang Chen murmured.


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