Chapter 262: One Will Suffice
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Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms Chapter 262: One Will Suffice

“Fang Xiaotu…” The Spirit Heaven City Lord spent a moment in thought before nodding. He took another look at Fang Chen before continuing with a smile, “We have hundreds of fellow daoists with us here today, each harboring the hope of purchasing the Spirit Heaven Sect’s location from you. May I know how you wish to proceed with the auction?”

Meanwhile, the Flood Dragon Island Master assessed Fang Chen with mocking eyes.

He didn’t think Fang Chen knew his background, but he was already certain of Fang Chen’s identity, even though Fang Chen had put on a mask.

Sword cultivators were so rare that it was unthinkable for two of them to appear in Infernoblaze in the same time frame. Without a doubt, this was the person he was looking for!

This was the guy who killed their young sect master and the Blue Mountain Island Master.

However, the Flood Dragon Island Master was in no rush to make a move, knowing that the Qing Province Sword Sect’s Long Tianxing would make a move. Since that was the case, he didn’t mind using Long Tianxing as cannon fodder to see what Fang Chen was capable of.

“The starting bid is 1000 low-grade ki stones, and each increment must be no less than 100. There’s no cap to the price,” Fang Chen explained. “The Spirit Heaven Sect has a 300 meters square large spirit field and a spirit spring. That should be ample for around fifty cultivators.”

He made a dramatic pause before saying, “If you’re interested, you may begin bidding.”

Silence followed.

The atmosphere was a little awkward, with most people eyeing the Qing Province First Swordsman Long Tianxing.

“Looks like you have all heard about our first elder’s death,” Long Tianxing impassively said.

No one responded.

The underlying tone was clear. The sword cultivator must first deal with Long Tianxing to prove that he was qualified to sell the Spirit Heaven Sect’s location.

Long Tianxing took his time to assess Fang Chen before he asked, “Yao Dan—you are the one who killed him, right?”

“Are you here to avenge him?” Fang Chen smiled.

“Oh? He doesn’t look in

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