Chapter 260: Movements In the Shadows
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Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms Chapter 260: Movements In the Shadows

Spirit Heaven City’s Three Great Cultivator Clans were the Ye Clan, the Xu Clan, and the Zhou Clan. Their patriarchs were twelfth stage Ki Refinement cultivators, and they were considered top-notch experts second only to the Spirit Heaven City Lord in this city.

Yet, the three patriarchs rushed out to welcome the Qing Province Sword Sect Master. This hinted at his high standing in the Qing Province.

“The rumors that Spirit Heaven City’s Three Great Cultivator Clans are on good terms with the Qing Province Sword Sect must have been true.”

“It looks like those three clans were nurtured by the Qing Province Sword Sect.”

The crowd discussed telepathically.

Long Tianxing eyed the three patriarchs and slowly nodded. “I’ve troubled you to make the trip down here.”

“Not at all, not at all,” the Ye Clan’s patriarch replied fawningly. “Elder Long, do you have any accommodations here? If not, why don’t you come to our Ye Clan…”

Before he could finish his words, the Xu Clan’s and the Zhou Clan’s patriarchs interjected too to invite Long Tianxing to stay in their respective manors.

Watching the Ye Clan’s patriarch fawn on Long Tianxing, Ye Wenxiu couldn’t help but slowly clench his fists. If I was as strong as Long Tianxing, that Flooding Dragon Island Master wouldn’t dare to steal the woman I love!

It was just a pity that even reaching Foundation Establishment was distant for him, let alone mid Foundation Establishment.

Long Tianxing eyed the three of them before turning his attention to the Ye Clan’s patriarch. “Make some arrangements. We’ll be participating in the auctioning of the Spirit Heaven Clan’s location.”

The crowd was surprised. They hadn’t expected that Long Tianxing was really here to participate in the auction.

With Long Tianxing’s arrival, the many parties who had come to the Spirit Heaven City began making their moves. Those who were competing for the Spirit Heaven Sect’s location started reaching out to others to work together.

Many of them were unaffiliated cultivators who didn’t have a stable place to cultiv

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