Chapter 116: Fang Chen, Are You Staging a Rebellion?
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Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms Chapter 116: Fang Chen, Are You Staging a Rebellion?

“Imperial Duke Fang, I’m afraid this is not appropriate. His Majesty has his reasons for placing people in their respective positions. You might be the imperial duke, but this is not a matter you should interfere with…” Li Guozhu spoke up.

He was Great Xia’s prime minister, after all. His standing might be beneath Fang Chen, but he had built up significant influence in Great Xia over the years. His willingness to intervene made many of the officials breathe a sigh of relief.

Xiao Shence’s complexion slightly improved too.

All of them thought that Fang Chen was already bordering on blasphemy.

He actually tried to replace the emperor’s aide with his own, and he did it so openly too… This is no different from staging a rebellion!

Such a thought was on everyone’s mind, but no one dared to bring it out in the open. They feared that pointing it out might throw Great Xia’s future into uncertainty.

“Prime Minister Li,” Fang Chen called out. “This course of action is to Great Xia’s benefit. I’ll do whatever is beneficial to Great Xia. Great Xia belongs to the people as well, not just His Majesty. Sometimes, there’s no choice but for His Majesty to take a step back.”

“Atrocious! How can you utter such blasphemous words!” Some of the older officials couldn’t tolerate it anymore and pointed a trembling finger at Fang Chen.

The generals present remained silent, though they occasionally exchanged glances.

The emperor turned livid. Years in the imperial court had taught him how to conceal his emotions and thoughts, but he struggled to maintain his poker face after hearing Fang Chen’s words.

Xia Yu even reddened in anger. What is Fang Chen trying to do here? Great Xia belongs to our Xia Clan! This has been a fact from the moment Great Xia was founded!

“Enough,” the emperor said. “Xiao Shence has indeed been incompetent in his duties. I hereby dismiss him as the Valiant Defenders’ commander. Huang Sihai will take his place instead.”

The crowd fell silent.

Tao Mingsheng had begun trembling. Xiao Shence has failed to kee

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