Chapter 31 - Jade Asura
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"World Dominators's training slot?!"

"The Legacies found in the Miniature Ancient World's Team Dungeons require even large Guilds to go all out to raid. Yet, Shadow's giving Wu Lingling one of the few Legacies they can get from these Team Dungeons?"

"Is another bigshot going to appear in our school?"

As soon as Chen Ziyou finished speaking, the instructors and students paying attention to her couldn't help but gasp. Then, they turned to look toward Wu Lingling with shock in their eyes.

At this time, even Luo Tiancheng, who stood behind Chen Ziyou, couldn't help but look at Wu Lingling enviously.

A Super Guild's training slot was something all players in God's Domain dreamed of obtaining. However, even the experts of Super Guilds had a hard time obtaining such a training slot, let alone outsiders.

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Meanwhile, so long as a player participated in a Super Guild's systematic training, this player was bound to have a promising future.

Setting aside the precious training resources a Super Guild could provide, just getting acquainted with the other trainees was an invaluable opportunity. After all, anyone who managed to get selected for training by a Super Guild was a promising talent capable of reaching Tier 4 at the very minimum. Some of these talents could even reach Tier 5, becoming an executive in a Super Guild and the overseer of an Advanced Main City.

Not to mention, there was even the Miniature Ancient World's Legacy slot!

The Miniature Ancient World's Team Dungeons were unlike those found on the main continent. Not only did they appear randomly, but they even had a massive entrance limit of 1,000. Moreover, each Team Dungeon would only drop Legacies on their First Clear. So, after considering all of these factors plus the competition from other players, even Super Guilds wouldn't be able to get their hands on many Legacies, let alone weaker Guilds.

Meanwhile, all Legacies dropped allowed players to acquire hidden classes originating from ancient times. Depending on the standard of the hidden class, not only could it increase one's chances of getting promoted to Tier 4 by a significant margin, but it could even provide a certain degree of help in reaching Tier 5.

A Super Guild's training slot and an Ancient Legacy? Wu Lingling grew silent when she heard Chen Ziyou's words.

Meanwhile, seeing that Wu Lingling was seemingly pondering over the offer, Chen Ziyou sincerely said, "Lingling, this is a rare opportunity. Instructor Qi has been holding onto this training slot for a long time. He didn't even offer your sister this slot when she became famous in the Academy. If you can use this training slot properly, the things you can accomplish will far surpass your current achievements. You might even be able to get into the A-League in the future. Not to mention, you even have an Ancient Legacy waiting for you. With these two things aiding you, it'll only take two or three years before you become your sister's pride.

"As for Instructor Shi's side, you don't need to worry about that, either. While it is important to respect your teachers, this matter concerns your future. I believe Instructor Shi will understand your situation.

"Moreover, I can promise you that the matter between Instructor Shi and Shadow will end as well. Even Instructor Qi will recommend the Academy to promote Instructor Shi into an intermediate instructor next year. Instructor Shi has a wealth of experience in combat and management, after all. Instructors like him are rare even in the Academy."

Luo Tiancheng repeatedly nodded in conjunction with Chen Ziyou's words. His mouth, though, curled into a faint sneer.

If Shi Feng lost his precious student, what could he possibly do without any background or strength?

However, just when Luo Tiancheng was about to further reaffirm Chen Ziyou's statement about Shadow's promises, Wu Lingling suddenly shook her head and said to Chen Ziyou, "Big Sis Ziyou, I am very happy that Instructor Qi has such high hopes for me, but I still think that Instructor Shi is better."

"Instructor Shi is better?" Chen Ziyou frowned a little. At the same time, she couldn't help but admire Wu Lingling's loyal personality. "Lingling, both the training slot and Legacy slot are precious resources. While Instructor Shi might be an excellent instructor, he cannot provide you with these resources."

"That's right!" Luo Tianchen proclaimed. Then, in a confident tone, he said, "Let alone World Dominators's training slot, Shi Feng can't even get you a Legacy slot!"

Although Chen Ziyou didn't say anything about Luo Tiancheng's interruption, her eyes expressed her agreement with his words as she looked at Wu Lingling.

Shi Feng was merely the former Guild Leader of a second-rate Guild. He was neither a Tier 4 player nor did he have the support of a Guild. He would have difficulty even surviving in the Miniature Ancient World, let alone raiding a 1,000-man Team Dungeon.

However, Wu Lingling simply shook her head and said determinedly, "Big Sis Ziyou, Instructor Shi is very amazing. He might not be able to get me a Super Guild's training slot, but getting a Legacy slot isn't a problem for him."

"Isn't a problem?" Chen Ziyou couldn't help but palm her forehead when she heard Wu Lingling's words. Then, in an exasperated tone, she explained, "Lingling, do you know how difficult it is to get a Legacy in the Miniature Ancient World? Not only will you need to gather 1,000 professional-level experts, but you will also need to find a Team Dungeon's entrance. Just looking for the entrance will require significant manpower. It isn't something one person can accomplish alone."

Not only did the entrances of the Miniature Ancient World's Team Dungeons appear randomly, but each entrance will only exist for three to five hours before vanishing. Even ordinary Guilds would have to stretch themselves to find a Team Dungeon's entrance. After all, a Guild could only send so many people to the Miniature Ancient World before it affected their operations on the main continent.

Typically, only second-rate Guilds and above had the strength to locate and raid a Team Dungeon in the Miniature Ancient World.

"I'm serious, Big Sis Ziyou," Wu Lingling said when she saw Chen Ziyou's exasperated expression. Refusing to concede, she continued, "If you don't believe me, I can prove it to you."

"Prove? Can such a thing even be proved?" Chen Ziyou asked, feeling a little surprised when she saw the serious look on Wu Lingling's face.

Meanwhile, Luo Tiancheng couldn't help but snicker when he heard Wu Lingling's words. He knew much better than anyone what Shi Feng was capable of. Let alone obtaining an Ancient Legacy, even gathering a team of 1,000 experts would be a pipe dream for him!

"Of course I can prove it!" Wu Lingling said, feeling a little dissatisfied when she saw the look of contempt on Luo Tiancheng's face. "You'll know once you follow me."

After saying so, Wu Lingling grabbed her sports jacket she had placed on a nearby bench and left the training hall without saying another word.

Seeing this, Luo Tiancheng couldn't help but look toward Chen Ziyou for her opinion.

"I really don't know what's gotten into this girl's head. How can she put so much trust in that Instructor Shi's abilities?" Chen Ziyou complained. However, Chen Ziyou understood Wu Lingling's personality very well. Once the girl had set her mind on something, she wouldn't change her decision easily. If she wanted to persuade Wu Lingling, she would have no choice but to make Wu Lingling give up voluntarily. So, she said to Luo Tiancheng, "Let's go and see what she wants to show us, then."

Subsequently, Chen Ziyou and Luo Tiancheng followed Wu Lingling out of the training hall. Then, under Wu Lingling's lead, they took a taxi and arrived at Jin Hai City's central business district.

When the taxi stopped in front of a majestic tower that stretched over a hundred floors, Wu Lingling got out of the car and walked into this tower without hesitation.

"The God's Domain Association?"

Chen Ziyou was momentarily stunned when she saw the crowded entrance of the magnificent tower.

The God's Domain Association had come into being after God's Domain had become globally popular, and competitions surrounding God's Domain had appeared one after another. Not only would the association host small competitions throughout the globe, but it was even responsible for hosting the Professional League. Moreover, it had branches established across all cities around the world.

Meanwhile, after Chen Ziyou and Luo Tiancheng followed Wu Lingling into the God's Domain Association, they were greeted by the sight of an even larger crowd. Among them, there were talented youths and famous figures originating from the various industries of Jin Hai City.

However, when Chen Ziyou entered the building, many people in the lobby quickly turned their attention to her.

"Crap! It's Chen Ziyou!"

"Why is she here? I thought there weren't any league matches today?"

"Is she planning to challenge the 51st Floor Master today?"

"That's most likely the case. I remember that she had nearly succeeded in her last attempt. When I watched her previous match in the preliminaries, she seemed to have improved a lot since that time. She might be able to succeed if she challenges the 51st Floor Master now."

"Damn! It will be awesome if she becomes the new 51st Floor Master! Even the lowest Floor Master will get a house of their own on the 101st floor!"

"I know, right? Those rooms come fully equipped with all the necessary training facilities. You even get to have an amazing night view of Jin Hai City!"

Everyone quickly broke into an enthusiastic discussion when they saw Chen Ziyou arriving in the building. The youths present, in particular, looked at her with an envious and yearning gaze.

Aside from playing host to competitions, the God's Domain Association also provided ample support to young experts in God's Domain. Specifically, those aged 25 or under could participate in a daily tower challenge hosted by the association. Meanwhile, those who succeeded in the challenge would receive Association Points to spend as currency in the God's Domain Association. Not only could these points be used to rent the association's training facilities, but they could also be used to exchange for the luxurious and nutritional meals the association offered.

However, the best treatment one could receive through this daily challenge would undoubtedly be the privilege to become a Floor Master in the God's Domain Association.

There were 50 Floor Master positions in total, going from the 51st floor to the 100th floor. If a person became a Floor Master, not only would they get to live on floors 101 and above, but should they win their matches, they would also receive a portion of the revenue generated through the broadcasting of their matches. Meanwhile, the higher one's Floor Master position, the greater the revenue. After reaching the 80th floor, the income a Floor Master could receive could cause even executives of large Guilds to grow envious.

Chen Ziyou did not pay attention to the gazes she received. Instead, she looked at Wu Lingling, who had already arrived in front of the front desk, and asked, "What did you bring us here for, Lingling?"

After saying a few words to the receptionist at the front desk, Wu Lingling glanced at Chen Ziyou and mysteriously said, "You'll find out in a moment."

Chen Ziyou couldn't help but be a little stunned. She failed to understand what Wu Lingling was trying to do.

After the trio waited in the lobby for a few minutes, a young man exuding a dignified aura walked out of the elevator lobby. Meanwhile, upon seeing this young man, both Luo Tiancheng and Chen Ziyou couldn't help but be surprised.

"Jade Asura Lin Kuiyi!"

At this time, apart from Chen Ziyou and Luo Tiancheng, the many youths in the lobby also couldn't help but gasp in surprise.

It was because this dignified young man was incredibly famous in Jin Hai City's God's Domain's Association. It wouldn't even be an exaggeration to say that everyone in the city knew about him. After all, not only was Lin Kuiyi the 93rd floor's Floor Master, but he was even a core member of Soulfire, one of God's Domain's top adventurer teams.

Meanwhile, after entering the lobby, Lin Kuiyi approached Chen Ziyou's group of three and respectfully asked, "May I know which one of you is holding the Gold Order?"

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