Chapter 31 - Jade Asura
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"World Dominators's training slot?!"

"The Legacies found in the Miniature Ancient World's Team Dungeons require even large Guilds to go all out to raid. Yet, Shadow's giving Wu Lingling one of the few Legacies they can get from these Team Dungeons?"

"Is another bigshot going to appear in our school?"

As soon as Chen Ziyou finished speaking, the instructors and students paying attention to her couldn't help but gasp. Then, they turned to look toward Wu Lingling with shock in their eyes.

At this time, even Luo Tiancheng, who stood behind Chen Ziyou, couldn't help but look at Wu Lingling enviously.

A Super Guild's training slot was something all players in God's Domain dreamed of obtaining. However, even the experts of Super Guilds had a hard time obtaining such a training slot, let alone outsiders.

Theft is never good, try looking at

Meanwhile, so long as a player participated in a Super Guild's systematic training, this player was bound to have a promising future.

Setting aside the precious training resources a Super Guild could provide, just getting acquainted with the other trainees was an invaluable opportunity. After all, anyone who managed to get selected for training by a Super Guild was a promising talent capable of reaching Tier 4 at the very minimum. Some of these talents could even reach Tier 5, becoming an executive in a Super Guild and the overseer of an Advanced Main City.

Not to mention, there was even the Miniature Ancient World's Legacy slot!

The Miniature Ancient World's Team Dungeons were unlike those found on the main continent. Not only did they appear randomly, but they even had a massive entrance limit of 1,000. Moreover, each Team Dungeon would only drop Legacies on their First Clear. So, after considering all of these factors plus the competition from other players, even Super Guilds wouldn't be able to get their hands on many Legacies, let alone weaker Guilds.

Meanwhile, all Legacies dropped allowed players to acquire hidden classes originating from ancient times. Depending on the standard of the hidden class, not only could it increase one's chances of getting promoted to Tier 4 by a significant margin, but it could even provide a certain degree of help in reaching Tier 5.

A Super Guild's training slot and an Ancient Legacy? Wu Lingling grew silent when she heard Chen Ziyou's words.

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