Chapter 30 - Final Creation
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Shi Feng was momentarily stunned as he looked at the icy-cold longsword and gray key hovering before him, his mind having a hard time accepting this situation.

In the present God's Domain, the number of people who knew about Primordial Objects probably did not exceed ten.

Items of this level could only be found outside the world of God's Domain or ruins of Primordial God. This was because God's Domain had been split into countless fragments during the Great Ancient War. The current main continent that most players roamed on was merely one part of the true God's Domain.

The Miniature Ancient World he currently resided in was once a part of the main continent of God's Domain as well.

Not to mention, even Legendary items would be damaged and disappear under the erosion of time. Thus, Primordial Objects were incredibly rare in the present era, so rare that they could rival the rarity of Eternal Items.

Shi Feng knew about Primordial Objects because he came across one while participating in an auction in an Outerworld (another world's God's Domain). The Primordial Object he saw was a severely damaged breastplate, and it was utterly unusable at the time. However, the materials used to craft the breastplate were stronger than even the materials used to craft modern Divine Artifacts. So, although the breastplate was no longer usable, it could be melted to produce a new weapon or equipment.

At the time, many Outerworld God-ranked experts had fought to acquire this breastplate. Eventually, a Tier 6 Berserker God had won the breastplate after paying a steep price of four Legendary items. Then, he had a Famed Craftsman craft him a new breastplate. Meanwhile, the quality of the breastplate had exceeded the Legendary rank, becoming the first Fragmented Divine Artifact ranked equipment usable by players!


A Fragmented Divine Artifact!

It was an item that had reached the step above Legendary. It was also an item that many God-ranked experts had once thought that players couldn't use. Even Shi Feng was under the same assumpti

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